Skyfire for Android his 1 million downloads, adds more devices

Skyfire on Android has over 1 million downloads, adds new device compatibility
Skyfire on Android has over 1 million downloads, adds new device compatibility

The Skyfire browser has always been popular among mobile fanatics but the company has told us that its Android version is officially mainstream as the server-side browser has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

If you haven’t tried out the free browser, you should. Skyfire for Google’s mobile operating system uses server side technology to deliver rich media web content to your device including Adobe Flash, Silverlight and more. This amount of downloading puts it in the top .02% of all products from the Android Marketplace, the company said.

That’s not all, as the company is also added new devices to the fold:

Additionally the company announces expanded availability to newer Android devices. Now the browser works on popular Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Epic, Motorola Droid X and Droid 2, HTC Incredible and EVO 4G. Skyfire works alongside the latest Android 2.2 update to ensure Flash video is always just a click away, regardless of network connectivity. For those with devices that do not have the Android 2.2 update (2.1 and below), Skyfire opens the door to millions of previously inaccessible Flash videos.

Adobe Flash video has been one of the major draws for the browser but that may be mitigated by the Flash Player coming to multiple Android devices. Skyfire would counter that it can still offer other features like social networking integration and Silverlight, though.

These are some impressive download numbers but I wouldn’t be surprised to see these doubled if the Skyfire for Apple iPhone app is approved. Because it uses proxy technology and Opera Mini was also recently approved, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Skyfire browser on your iOS device relatively soon.

Check out an example of the browser in the demo video below and we should be getting our hands on one soon enough. In the meanwhile, let us know your experience in the comments.

  • heh

    “These are some impressive download numbers”

    Not really. And Skyfire kind of sucks. It’s just the standard Android browser, only slower and with a crappy new UI.


    • SOMA

      Hater. It’s better than a burned out battery on a droid trying to play an HD flash vid.

  • SOMA

    How many Android apps have hit 1M users in four months?

    iPhone download numbers would crush that if this is approved by Apple…

  • Elmer Fud

    I dunno, 1,000,000 downloads seems like quite a few to me. Skyfire is a nice option for Android users stuck in pre-Froyo land; would be even nicer for iOS users who have no hope of ever getting a proper implementation of Flash on their device.

    Off-topic: “fail”? Really? That Internet convention has been beaten to death, shipped off to a rendering plant and can currently be found as an ingredient in various glue and pet food products. Give it a rest, already.

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