Custom Engraving Transforms iPhone into a Work of Art

Custom Engraving Work on an iPhone

Custom Engraving Work on an iPhone

In the world of iPhone Accessories, there’s lots to choose from. Everything from holsters, to silicone cases to ruggedized cases, chances are if you need something to protect (or show off) your beloved iOS-powered device, there’s something for you. With that in mind, I came across something the other day that was not only quite unique, but extremely stylish and one-of-a-kind as well. iPhone users looking to take their device to another level… keep reading.

Viljo Marrando at Knives and Engraving is a master engraver. At least that’s what I’d call him after checking out some of his work. Wanting to spice up his iPhone, Viljo took to engraving a scroll design into the bezel of his iPhone. The results can be viewed above. Not so bad, wouldn’t you agree?

I can already hear some of you out there saying that a laser could be used to do the very same thing. This is very true. However, Viljo feels strongly that using lasers and other technology is not true to his craft:

Engraving my iPhone is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now, the plain metal border was so tempting. I’ve searched the net, but haven’t yet found any hand engraved iPhones. There are a lot of laser engraved ones and cases, but to me laser engraving is not really a true engraving. So someone must start with the handmade.

Sadly no engraved iPhones are up for sale on Viljo’s site at the moment. However, if this is something you’d really like to have done, I have a feeling he’ll get back to you via email. Send him a note and commission your very own one-of-a-kind engraved iPhone!

Note: It took Viljo 8 hours to complete the section you see pictured above. If you manage to commission your own, me thinks it’ll be an expensive item. That said, you’ll have a unique piece that no one else in the world will ever own.

Neat stuff for sure.

[Via: BitRebels]

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