Slacker Radio Announces On-Demand Music for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry Apps

Slacker Radio, a web-based and mobile music streaming service, has just introduced a new subscription tier for on-demand music. What usually happens is Slacker generates a station for you based on a song or artist, which then tweaks upcoming songs based on what you like and what you don’t. The free version is restricted by ads and a limited number of skips, while the $3.99/month premium version bypasses those and includes offline caching for the mobile app. The new $9.99 Slacker Premium Radio service will not only provide those features of Radio Plus, but also let you play any specific song within their database of millions of tracks on demand, streaming over 3G or Wi-Fi on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile or webOS.

There are a lot of mobile music services out there, but Slacker tends to win out for me, mainly because I can get decent music for free just for tolerating the odd ad, and my stations sync up between web browser and mobile. Rdio, Spotify, and Rhapsody also offer subscription-based mobile on-demand music service at the same price point – Grooveshark even offers it for free on the web, and only $3/month for mobile, but they’re having trouble staying in the iTunes App Store these days.

In any case, if Slacker strikes you as something you want to try out, there are some download links below, but you’ll have to head over to Slacker to sign up for either of their premium subscription offerings. The on-demand music option will be available in October.

Download for iPhone (Free) [iTunes Link]

Download for BlackBerry (Free) [App World Link]

Download for Android (Free) [Market Link]

Download for webOS (Free) [Catalog Link]

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