Android users like ribs, iPhone users like chicken

New report says Android owners like ribs, iPhone owners like chicken
New report says Android owners like ribs, iPhone owners like chicken

Stop the presses! The fanboy wars are about to get really ugly because a new, super-important survey from said Android owners prefer pork ribs while Apple iPhone owners prefer chicken.

The company examined its mobile coupon usage from the different platforms and came up with some staggering results. Did you know that women’s body wash coupons were routinely used by iPhone owners while men’s body wash was often purchased by Android owners?

If that doesn’t floor you, you should know that iPhone owners buy baby products 42 times more than Android users. Google OS users are more apt to use pain-relief coupons though, probably because of the headaches of using Android’s multimedia player.

This is the latest flame-bait research, as previous studies also suggested iPhone owners had more sex than BlackBerry or Android owners. I generally think these are all a bunch of hogwash.

At the beginning, both platforms were filled with the enthusiasts and the fanboys. That means the iPhone was purchased by people who wished they were Justin Long and Android was purchased by the geeks who think rooting your phone is better than sex.

But the days of either platform just being for fanboys is long over. The Apple iPhone is utterly mainstream now, as the new unveiling often gets front-page coverage in many newspapers. The iPhone 4 sold 3 million units in a few weeks and that included plenty of Windows users who don’t care about the “Apple lifestyle.”

As for Google’s OS, that little green robot has come a long way since the G1. The platform has outsold other operating systems in the United States and it shows no sign of slowing down.

It may have left the fanboys behind too. Many people I know who aren’t in the industry don’t even know or care about what Android is. In fact, they think “Android” is the “Droid” lineup.

So, let’s throw the platforms out of here for a minute and get some real debate going: would you rather have pork ribs or chicken?

[Via The Wall Street Journal, photo]

  • frank

    Does this article suck, or is it just me? Dumb.

    • Marin Perez


  • iPwn User

    Honestly I think trying to get the last bit of meat of ribs is as frustrating as Android users trying to upgrade their OS so…I think I’ll take the chicken?

  • OCDavid

    Ribs…and Chicken.

  • phonixor

    I like both, and have an android phone (HTC Hero)…
    upgrading was just clicking “ok” a couple of times and a loooong reboot… can’t say that was hard…
    gotta love the picture though 🙂

  • This kind of information would be useful to marketers looking to target their campaigns.

  • Bigtex

    Where’s the Poll? Gimme some pork.

  • Holybear

    I like ribs, I like chicken, I like steak… It’s all good, if done well (as opposed to well done, natch).

    Which is why I have WinMo, Android and Neno on my phones. I like diversity.
    But then, I’m the kind of geek that doesn’t mind changing flavours now and again. If I had the cash to spend I’d have an iPhone as well.

    So does it really matter, I ask? Many will say it does. But just like arguing with me about what I eat, I likely won’t see the point.

  • nawoa

    Hmm… Well, I got a new background for my Desire out of this article at least.

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