Justin.tv for iPhone Updated with Live Video Broadcasting

Justin.tv’s iPhone application had previously just been for watching live broadcasts, but it has been updated to allow broadcasting via mobile as well, complete with front-facing camera and flash support. Version 2.0 lets you share broadcasts on Twitter and Facebook, and have two-way chat with your audience. Of course, when it comes to video streaming via mobile, the quality will depend a lot on your wireless coverage, but within a Wi-Fi zone, it should be fine.

If you’ve never checked out Justin.tv, it basically lets anyone share a video feed online using their webcam, or other video input. Some people broadcast them playing video games, or have full-blown shows with regular schedules, like This Week in Tech.

They’ve been teasing this app since August, and faces some competition from Qik and Ustream iPhone apps, which have both had something of a head start. Regardless, Justin.tv is claiming they have better quality over 3G, but we’ll let you be the judge. Justin.tv also went live with an Android app not too long ago – download links to both are below.

Download for iPhone (Free) [iTunes Link]

Download for Android (Free) [Market Link]

[via Justin.tv]

  • damin

    how do you use it on ipod touch 4g

  • Thanks IPHONE.. I will achive my Justin tv everywhere

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