Qualcomm showcases Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform with 1GHz MSM8655 Chipset

Qualcomm has been showcasing its Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform (MDP), designed to “help content developers and publishers maximize the performance of applications on Snapdragon chipsets.” Here’s specs rundown unveiled during the company’s second annual Innovation Qualcomm event:

  • 1GHz MSM8655 chipset
  • Sleek smartphone form-factor
  • Support for either Android or Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP)
  • 3.80-inch WVGA multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
  • Adreno 205 graphics processing unit (GPU)
  • Dual cameras including 12-megapixel main camera
  • Embedded accelerometer and gyroscope
  • 16mm stereo loudspeakers and 512 MB of RAM

Commenting on the news, Raj Talluri (VP of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies) said: “The Snapdragon MDP will offer developers a powerful platform that utilizes our latest Snapdragon chipset, the MSM8655 chipset, which delivers a new level of multimedia performance and will help enable the global development community in their efforts to deliver exciting new mobile applications taking advantage of all the hardware capabilities that Snapdragon devices can offer.”

BSQUARE Corporation will be selling, distributing and supporting the MSM8655-based Snapdragon MDP, which is currently available for pre-order from here. As for the second-generation Snapdragon MDP based on the dual-core MSM8660 chipset, it will be available in the first half of 2011.

  • Does it have cell service and if so from what provider(s)?

    You would assume it would be CDMA (w Verizon/Sprint) since its from Qualcomm.

    • this thing doesn’t even have WiFi, much less a cell radio. it’s purely for developers to connect to their dev boxes via USB to test applications.

      • I am the PLM for the MDP product at Bsquare corporation. The MDP includes WiFi, BlueTooth, and 3G modem. Additionally the MDP will include profiling tools to optimize graphics and power performance.

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