Apple Certified Refurbished iPads Now Available in the US Apple Store

Apple Refurbished iPads Now Available

Apple Refurbished iPads Now Available

Apple has long been known to offer refurbished products… You name it, their MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs and Cinema Displays (and more) have long been on offer at a decent discount (various carriers have also offered refurbished iPhones at a big savings as well). While the ‘refurbished’ tag scares away some, if saving a few bucks is a big deal for you, there’s one more product now on offer via Apple’s ‘Special Deals‘ section… The iPad.

Available now from $449, it looks like you have the choice of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB WiFi models at the moment. All pricing is set at $50 off the regular price, so if you don’t mind a refurbished item, saving $50 is always a good thing.

Apple refurbs are indeed pre-owned, but they undergo a thorough refurbishment process before they go up for sale. The refurbished items were returned to Apple under their return and refund policy, so chances are the item in question is only ‘lightly’ used. If you don’t mind a product that has been used ‘gently’ by someone for a short period of time… that’s exactly what you’re going to get. After purchase of any Apple refurb, you also get 90 days of telephone support and a one year warranty. The AppleCare Protection Plan is also an option to purchase as well. If you’d like to extend your warranty past the default one year period, this is a good option. I don’t recommend for or against the ACPP, it’s a personal choice (additional technical support can always be purchased from Apple at a later date, if you’re no longer under warranty).

Check out Apple’s Special Deals section for more information on the new refurbished iPads up for offer.

Note: Free shipping is included on all Apple refurbished products. Good to know that you’re not going to lose any of that $50 you saved on the iPad on shipping costs!

[Via: Softpedia]

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