17 year old girl scores $33,000 after suing her school for searching her mobile phone

A 17 year old girl, who is going by the name “N.N.” to protect her privacy, has just been awarded $33,000 after suing her High School in northeast Pennsylvania. It all started one cold January day in 2009 when N.N. was using her mobile phone in the classroom which admittedly she shouldn’t have been doing in the first, and then her teacher confiscated it. Things got messy when the principal of the school decided to go through her private text messages, emails and photos. In the photo gallery he found pictures of her naked and of course American being the land of prudes he contacted law enforcement and issued N.N. a 3 day suspension. The images were not sent to anyone, they were just captured for later viewing by both N.N. and her boyfriend. Anyone who has ever had experience with photography as a form of foreplay knows that just using the camera with your partner is erotic.

We saw something similar happen earlier this year, albeit without the naked pictures, in Texas when a teacher searched the mobile phone of a student in hopes of finding information that would lead to school officials finding out who committed several acts of vandalism. The lesson here is that as an adult you would never, ever, let anyone search your mobile phone, so why do you think a kid would be any different? Children deserve to have a private life and today that means storing everything that means everything to them in a smartphone or laptop. Sad, but whatever, diaries were the big thing back in the day and still are to some people.

And one more thing: talk about over reaction! One summer I worked retail for Helio, the MVNO that got lumped into Virgin. We had a recycling program where we’d take customers old devices in and send them in for processing at a special location that melted said devices to extract all the precious metals. My workmates would constantly go through the devices people turned in and it made me sick, but I wouldn’t have called the police. My heart would stop beating however if I knew someone had access to my gallery or text message history. Congratulations N.N.!

  • DavidB

    Too stupid to password her phone (especially when you have nude pics on it) and scores $33k for it? Geez.

    • kazulk

      as far as im concerned they have a right too, unless the parents have any objections

      • Simon

        The reason she won is because, legally, they don’t have a right to. Only members of law enforcement and government agencies have a right to search electronic equipment and only when there is probable cause. Of course, thanks to the Homeland Security act, probable cause is now pretty vague.

        • drklassen

          Law enforcement needs probable cause. The Border Patrol doesn’t. They can just take your electronics at any border, no reason needed, and search them. And they can then turn over anything they find that is outside their jurisdiction (i.e. non border-control issues) to any other authority. All nice and legal.

          Oh, and “border” means anywhere within 100 miles of an actual border or coast.

          • Simon

            True, but I wasn’t going to go into the details that had no bearing on the original story. The point was this search was made by a school principal who is not a member of any of these agencies.

          • Woody

            Just to clarify, you ALWAYS have the right to decline their request and leave the airport. Now, that might flag you for further interest, but they don’t have to right to seize your stuff and search it without cause unless you basically agree.

          • Doug North

            Oh, I didn’t know the girl’s principal was a Border Patrol agent.

        • Josh

          Governments do not have a right to search your property. All permissions are granted to government, none of them are rights.

      • AhmNee

        Screw that. The school has no business going through a kids phone, computer or folders for that matter. If they feel there’s a legitimate reason, they had better call the parent first. They’re lucky it wasn’t my daughter.

        • LOL.Why??

        • CouldntDoMore


          Lucky it wasn’t your daughter? What would you do, beat them up?

          I think $33k is more damage than you could ever do, and far more memorable. I’ll bet that teacher responsible is close to losing his job if not already lost it.

          • Nastjuid

            From what the article states, the teacher did not search the phone. The teacher confiscated it because NN was using it in class. That’s proper procedure. The phone should have been returned to the student after class or to the parents after contacting them. The principal is the one in deep shit right about now.

            I think the OP means the same lucky as they were lucky it wasn’t my child. Some families have dedicated lawyers and enough money to cause a lot more problems for the offenders.

        • jerden

          The principal acted outside the bounds of his authority – schools (teachers and principals) can confiscate cell phones but have no authority to search the information stored in them unless they have a “reasonable suspicion” of some illegality related to use of the phone (they do NOT need what is legally known as probable cause). The school, in keeping with state law, can even keep the phone or charge a fee for its return to the person from whom it was seized. State law gives the school the authority to search student lockers, student backpacks or other types of material carriers, and student cars on school property as part of the school’s interest in keeping the school a safe place that is conducive to the educational mission. While there are provisions to prohibit doing such things that single out particular students for no legitimate reason, the school still needs only “reasonable suspicion” to make searches legal and defensible in court. Get mad all you want – it will do you no good and if you go to the school and cause trouble, you too might be in trouble.

      • 0per8nalHaz3rd

        That’s a great idea Kazulk! While we are at let’s just abolish freedom of speech, woman’s voting rights, re-institute slavery, and form a police state. I agree all men are created equal, but some are exponentially dumber than others.

        • TinfoilHatMan

          Haha, oh wow, that’s a textbook example of a slippery slope argument if ever I saw one.

          I’m all for privacy, and don’t like the way the issue is being dealt with in the (Western) world right now, but a teacher looking at a phone != 1984.


      • Corwin

        Great Kaz! Then you won’t mind if I rifle through your car for no other reason than I’m bored, would you? I’m a state prosecutor. Under your theory, it appears that someone in authority has the ‘right’ to violate the 4th amendment for no other reason than that person is in authority right? Thanks my friend! You just made my job infinitely easier at the low low cost of your Constitutional rights.

        Every citizen of the United States receives the same Constitutional protections (thanks 14th amendment!) regardless of race, sex, AGE, or any other human modifier. You don’t magically get Constitutional protection at 18, and any age under it… eh you’re free game for authorities.

        In the eyes of the Constitution, you are no different than this girl when it comes to your fundamental rights.

        Is she dumb for being on her phone in class? Sure. But hey, we were all 17 once. How many of us did DUMB things when we were 17? I know I did 😀 How many of us would have been happy to throw out our constitutional rights to pay for that “dumb”ness. Didn’t think so.

      • Hank

        Wow, that is a really poorly considered comment.
        You’re an idiot.

      • pete

        I’m sorry but you are horribly confused. What on earth would give any school official the right to search private property for the offense of class disruption? You confiscate the phone, and give it back after class with a detention slip. That is how you handle this matter. Searching the contents is highly illegal and unethical. Period. Not to mention f***ing rude and irrelevant.

      • Constitution

        Wrong butt nugget. This is America. There is a Constitution. It applies to all. She is not omitted because “she is not 18”. One of the things the Constitution has in it is the Fourth Amendment. Perhaps I should post it here for you to read and digest.

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

        Even if a warrant was issued, there would be nothing wrong with her owning photos of her on her device. What law says that is a crime?

        I am glad she won 33,000. It will pay for her to go to college, earn a law degree, and defend someone else who gets their rights trampled on.

        • Daryl Lyn

          well… correct me if I am wrong… but…

          Was not the principal that confiscated the phone guilty of “Possession of Child Pornography”? and “Viewing of Child Pornography”? and did he not give an admission of guilt to law enforcement when he called them and reported it?

          Those are the crimes I see.

          If she has the 4th amendment right that you are referencing, then I also would think that she has the right to waive it. (just like all of the other morons who surrender their rights so easily)

          Although it might be an interesting precedent to determine that a minor does not have the capacity to waive their rights until the age of majority…

    • Gr8Kh0as

      Not a bad way to spend the afternoon lol

      • JOHN M.

        N.N. is a Narcisistic baby. Of course the school was out of line to look into her phone, and she was out of line to use it in class. How would U like it , if you were the teach and somebody did that while you’re breaking your back to get a message over. It’s infuriating. This whole article is a waste of time, cause the country is falling apart cause of the repubs , and we’re reading about selfabsorbed nitwits. NO More.

    • Huhhh

      You’re a god damn moron, sir. It is her private property and she was violated. Should not have searched the phone.

    • Mountain Guy

      Stupid or very smart, or an alien from an old Charlie Sheen/alien conspiracy movie.

    • Good picture, her legs are on back to front .

      • PJ

        With legs like that, who knows how freaky those cell phone pics were…

      • Jack Bed

        Photoshop work?

    • corey

      “They saw me naked! I don’t care if the school can’t afford books published after 2000….I WANT JUSTICE!” No wonder your schools in Penn are so outdated. Perhaps we should be teaching our children how to be more private with their personal lives?

    • fu

      Yes, the school was too stupid to realize not to go through SOMEONE ELSE’S PRIVATE SHIT. FUCK YOU for blaming the girl.

    • Rick

      When it’s all said and done what did all this teach this young girl? Umm, . Naked pictures generate cash!!!!
      I can get a lot of money for my nude pictures. Way to go dumb asses. I’ll bet my 401k that once this $33 grand runs out and she turns 18 she starts searching out way’s to pose nude for more loot!!
      Hey Playboy this one will be coming your way!!! & Please dont sue me for making this comment .
      It’s just my 2¢

    • Anto Z.

      then this 17 yo girl spen..WTF HER LEGS!?!?WHAT HAPPEN!?!?

  • Totally off subject, but WTF is up with that chick in the pics legs? It’s like her knees bend the wrong way!

    • tom

      hahaha thats awesome. what is happening there?

    • Matt

      HAHAHAHA you are sooo right. I love it

    • Rainey

      She’s double jointed, but it does look really weird :/

      • Hyperia

        Double-jointed is a myth. Nobody has “double” joints.

        • Hannah

          Hypermobility, on the other hand, exists. I’ve been diagnosed with it. (super flexible ligaments, things dislocate rather easily.)

          I think there’s been some tampering with the picture though. NO ONE can do that. Unless she’s a velociraptor?

          • Ryan

            Well hello Hannah~ =) how you doin?

    • JK

      i lol’d

    • Rick

      Thats sooo messed up I was pointing that exact same thing out to my wife 2 minutes ago . she must be like extra flexible or something ..Some people are double jointed in the knees . Looks painful doesn’t it?

  • Jason marshall

    Wtf, is her legs on backwards lol

    • Abrar

      It’s perspective, I had to take a good long look. What may look like f**ked up knees is actually just her ankles; can you see what I mean?

      • Lea

        That’s not her ankles. That is a photoshop disaster. lol

  • Rob

    I completely agree with awarding N.N. damages for the invasion to her privacy. And DavidB, I understand that she could have put a password lock on her phone, but do you? I don’t (although now some phones can password protect the photo gallery only–and now she can afford to get one) and I second Stefan on the heartbeat stopping if someone got ahold my phone. Despite the reality of certain situations, I just feel that it’s the wrong direction for society to go to say that it’s her fault someone could see the pics since she didn’t lock her phone, it’s really ethically along the same reasoning that of course your car was stolen, you didn’t lock it, or your house was robbed because the lock was flimsy: even if a car door, or house door, is sitting wide open, it’s still illegal to take something from either location if you’re not the owner!

    • Robbed


      Your name was just sitting in the open, so I added a bed to it and now it’s mine.

      Fact: Stealing is illegal.

      Fact: Lots of people break the law, so lock up dumb ****.

      She deserves the $33k because the teacher shouldn’t be going through her phone, regardless of nudie pics. But, if she had LOST her phone and some perverted kid found it you can bet your ass her nudie pics would be all over the school and/or web and she wouldn’t have got a dime in damages, though if the person transmitting the images was caught with evidence there would be criminal charges.

      But, if she had put a password on her phone then nobody could have even “Accidentally” looked through it. There would never have been a $33k law suit, and there would be no risk of another kid finding her nudie pics.

      Lesson: Put a password on your damn phone. Unless you are going to try and get your teacher to go through your nudie pics so you can win $33k =P

      • RobG

        I’d guess that as she was using the phone when it was confiscated she didn’t have the opportunity to lock it, even if it did have a password.

  • Dane

    Someone does have access to all your data, it’s a wireless device, you’re just not aware of the technology or practice yet.

    • splint

      so true, I cloned my ex-gf’s phone and I still have it. It’s illegal but I know everything she’s up to. It’s fun to mess with her.

    • icebrain

      Being “wireless” doesn’t mean it broadcasts your personal data everywhere. There’s no way you could simply copy files from my phone, especially if I don’t send them anywhere. And even if I do, GSM and 3G are encrypted.

      Phone cloning (or rather, SIM cloning) requires physical access to the device.

  • waynester

    With the exception of serious crimes, I agree that phone data should be considered private, off limits .
    Please temper laws with common sense
    or if the girl turns 18 next month and looks at phone nude pics of herself at 17 …

    Now think she might donate a bit of her settlement to help that poor broken girl in pic?

  • Defacto

    I don’t know what planet you guys are living on, but nude photos of a minor is considered kitty porn. How many adult porn directors do you think would love to have a consenting 17 year old girl in their next adult movie? The only reason that the court found for her in this case is that the cell phone was taken and searched without cause. Like a police officer coming into your home without a search warrant and finding illegal drugs. Without a warrant or some other cause, the police can’t come into your home or do anything about the illegal drugs. As for her right to privacy, in my mind she has none. She is a minor with the obviously brilliant mind that thought it was a good idea to take naked pictures of herself on her phone (probably the most public device you can own), but that’s not the way the law sees it.

    • CV

      Because a 17 year old taking a picture of herself and sharing it with her boyfriend is totally exploitation of innocent children.

    • Caleb

      your phone is definitely not the most public device you own. I don’t know about you, but I don’t let anyone other than myself use my phone. It’s not a public device simply because you use it to communicate. and of course she has a right to privacy, she may not legally be an adult, but she is a human being and a citizen. lastly, it’s not child porn when the child takes the pics of him/herself, and doesn’t distribute it.

    • Lethal

      Kitty porn? Hah 🙂

      • AhmNee

        I can haz pron now plz?

    • AhmNee

      The law is still trying to come to terms with “kiddie porn” that’s been taken by the kiddie in question. Yes, in a technical sense it is kiddie porn but it’s illegal because of child exploitation and how can a child exploit themselves? That’s why there’s a large debate and a push to relax laws where sexting is concerned because these kids would be charged and put on a sex offender registry for taking pictures of themselves.

      Was having pics on an unprotected phone the smartest thing to do? No, probably not. But that’s why there are adults and there are children. They’re still learning and aren’t supposed to have everything figured out. Hell, I know CEOs and other executives who don’t password their phones and have confidential emails on them. Passwording the phone would be too inconvenient for them. You expect kids to be more intelligent than that?

      • bogart

        “That’s why there’s a large debate and a push to relax laws where sexting is concerned because these kids would be charged and put on a sex offender registry for taking pictures of themselves.”

        Kids ARE being charged and put on sex offender lists. It’s not something that could happen, it’s happening now.

    • nanibold

      WTF is up with people declaring that kids don’t have a right to privacy? Shall we start digging through their journals now too, to make sure they’re not doing anything dirty in private?

      It kind of makes me sick, the way people get all “moral” about teen sex and then use that as a basis to act in a totally immoral way. People need to STFU and mind their own business, keep their righteousness to themselves. She deserved that money, and the principal who dug through her personal stuff should be the one to pay for it out of his own pocket.

      Had he left his own cellphone unlocked, and if I had gone through it and told other people about naked pics I found, I would deserve to be sued, as well…

    • l3dig

      I believe the term you are looking for is ‘Kiddie Porn’, I don’t even want to think about what kitty porn might be.

    • mrow!

      I love me some kitty porn. Look at that pussy. MEOW!

  • dsr

    If a high school student uses a cellphone in the classroom, the teacher should have the right to destroy it on the spot. The end.

    • AhmNee

      Fine. Get all righteous and indignant. Cell phones are the new chewing gum. Have it in class and they have to wear the phone on their nose for the rest of the day. I’d wager that most kids parents let them have the phone in case of emergency and there’s no reason to deprive them of it considering the important purpose it would serve in such a case.

      I know it’s a new technology and it annoys the old folks, just like that new fangled rock and rolls. We’ll figure out how to work it into the culture so it’s not so taboo and it would seem odd for someone not to have one. And then they’ll be allowed in most classrooms, too, much like chewing gum is now.

      • lilricky

        New technology? Cell phones have been around for the past 50 years. Try again.

        • DatePolice

          So 1973 (First Cell phone) is not exactly 50 years away, but point taken… they have been around a while – although I would argue the bulk of teenagers with Cell phones is a relatively recent (last 20 years) phenomena. It is time to adapt though…

        • nanibold

          And you think that invalidates the point that AhmNee was making? Lame.

          The reality is that cellphones are new enough to be something that annoys old farts who can’t handle change. 50 years ago you’d never see a cellphone in a classroom, and probably not even 20 years ago either. The fact is that they’re new, and that newness freaks out people who have inflexible, selfish minds.

          OMG the world is changing and the teens are all running wild and god will punish us all

        • 50 years? You’re about 13 years too early there champ. 1973 was the year the cell phone was invented. 37 years is a little ways away from 50.

          I get the poster’s idea though. The popularity and accessibility to mobile phone technology to this scale only happened fairly recently in the last 10 years or so (and has really taken off in the last 5).

          • Mazzieradiocrazy

            lol Cool now we know how long phones have been around for 😀

      • Mike

        There’s a rule a couple of my teachers used that I liked. Get caught texting, the teacher takes your phone and reads the message out to the class, and then confiscates it. Nice, simple, and embarrassing.

        Having a cellphone in class isn’t a huge deal (and it really should only be confiscated for a period, given back when the period ends), but the kids should at least be pretending to pay attention.

        • Robbed

          Actually that rule is illegal. Unless the text happens to be on the screen and the teacher can see it without pressing any buttons.

        • Sean

          Cha Ching! You should sue your school. You now have a precedent. I would be talking to a lawyer if I were you.

        • jerden

          I’m one of the old fogies who used to take up the notes being written and passed in class. I would read them out loud to the whole class and then post them on the classroom bulletin board for a couple of weeks. I then went back to the lesson I was teaching. Later, I would call the parents if the content of the note merited it. I normally didn’t have repeat offenders.

      • Grant

        I don’t know of a school so stupid as to allow chewing gum in the classroom. Every school I’ve been to/worked at has banned gum at school. Also banned the use of phones in the classroom- even being seen can get it confiscated. There is absolutely NO reason to have a mobile phone in class. In an emergency, parents can call the school or vice versa. Phones in classrooms are nothing but distractions, unless they have no access to the network at the time.

        • Darren

          All my kids get phones and take them to school.

          In an emergency, I’m not going to trust some pencil-pushing educrats to communicate to me in a timely manner or allow me to reach my kids in a timely manner.

          On 9/11, the school my kids go to wouldn’t let us pick up our kids early. They were on total lockdown. However, our kids had phones. The kids called us, as per our instructions – so we knew the were OK.

          I’ll say “no thanks” to your suggestion.

          • roz

            You are the problem btw. You went to school without a cell phone and it was not a problem. Now kids use them to cheat. It’s easy and the parents seem to think that the cellphone isn’t a problem is the classroom. I can add but most kids can’t because they use the calculator on their phone. I can problem solve because I didn’t have the opportunity to “Google it” the way kids with cell phones can.

            I believe the principal overstepped his boundaries but if the girl hadn’t had the phone to begin with, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

      • Mazzieradiocrazy

        LOL Chewing gum would stick to your nose easy but a phone would keep falling off :p

    • highschoolteacher

      I agree with dsr.

      Cellphones should be forbidden and teachers should be able to destroy cellphones used in class.

    • icebrain

      To me, destroying the phone would be much more acceptable (although stupid, just reset it and give it to charity) than reading messages and looking at pics. A phone is just a phone, but privacy is priceless.

  • ANON

    what the fuck my school goes through peoples stuff when they confiscate our phones 0_0

  • Big John

    The “picture” in this article is photoshopped by an idiot. The legs are of a person sitting on the edge of the bed … and “joined” to another picture of a person lying down … unless you say her knees bend backwards at that angle !!!

    Don’t you even have people who take the trouble to look at what you publish?

    • Anon

      Wrong, it’s perspective… it was not Photoshopped.

      • Lea

        No it’s not… unless her legs were chopped off at her knees.

        • Anon

          If you think this picture is shopped, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple.

  • Always remember the Liberty clause, the Ninth + Fourteenth Amendment keeps you from having to show cops and teachers your nudes.

  • Wwowwww

    Uh.. what are you doing on your phone that is so bad that your heart would stop beating if someone else found it? Maybe you shouldn’t be doing whatever you’re doing if it’s that bad..

    • right … because we’re all angels from heaven who don’t do bad things.

      • Robbed


        Exactly! She can do what she wants with her phone. The teacher was wrong for 2 reasons.

        1. Invaded her privacy by going through her phone.
        2. Then punished her with a suspension for content of her phone that shouldn’t have been found in the first place.

        And quite honestly, what is with teachers confiscating phones? If kids aren’t paying attention then just let them fail, also work on your teaching ability to become more interesting. Unless it’s during a test, then I can understand that confiscating a phone until the test is over would be completely reasonable.

        Class of 06′ here.

    • CTRaider

      It’s called freedom. And the only LAWS broken were by the school.

  • jesse

    In my High School i was taken into the office for going off campus. I saw my Principle going through my phone as i walked into her office. I almost flipped out, but i was too young to understand my rights.


    Isn’t is against the law to view anyone naked if they’re under the age of 18 (especially if you’re an old principal?) in that state?

  • think about this

    So would it be “kitty” (sic) porn for her to look in the mirror?

    taking a picture of yourself should never be a crime, distribution of such material could be viewed as a crime though, so in a way him looking at her phone and seeing her naked is the equivalent of walking into the locker room when the girls are showering, it’s an invasion of privacy and just wrong.

    Yes, a password would have stopped this, and she should have not saved that pictures, but you can you imagine how embarrassed she was when she realized that they went through her phone, and then suspender her 3 days for it? Maybe the money can help with psychiatric treatment she may need from this experience

  • Uh… children deserve a private life? I say that is not really so, but I would also say anyone but a parent who ransacks a child’s phone, backpack, pants pockets, purse, what ever you have… is really stoopid! And should lose their job pronto.

    • Lets get one thing straight. The constitution does not stipulate age.

      The moment you are born YOU HAVE RIGHTS. they are endowed by the very act of your CREATION not the act of you turning 18 (lets not forget 18 is a 100% purely fictional ARBITRARY age for adult hood)

      Let us also not forget the constitution grants you NO RIGHTS. it simply stipulates that these rights that you already have SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED.

      As a Parent you have a RIGHT to access the information from your children. That is part of parenthood. You are not violating the right of the child you are superseding it with your own rights. IE in this case there is a conflict between the rights of the parent to “parent” their children and the rights of the children. The rights of the parent over rides the right of the child.

      The principal nor anyone else have NO SUCH rights. the court decided correctly in this case the school got spanked which is exactly the correct answer.

      The principal has ZERO RIGHT to any access to that phone short of confiscation (I am also OK with reading whats ON the screen at the time IE teacher reading allowed what you texted and then confiscating the phone)

      but the access stops their. They have NO further right to any more access than that.

      IF they feel they need access there are only 2 lawful avenues in my book POLICE and PARENTS and police leads to parents as well in my book.


  • laurbear


    If you’re going to make a horrendous comment, how bout spelling words right? its not KITTY porn. That would be cat porn. It’s kiddie porn. And everyone has a right to privacy even if you’re a minor. Just because it’s on her cellphone doesn’t make it fair game. And what she does in her private life isn’t of any concern to anyone else. Just because she’s not legally an adult, doesn’t mean she doesn’t think like one, if she had committed murder or something to that effect, she would most certainly be tried as an adult, so don’t start assuming just because she’s 17 that she’s not entitled to do things that certain people may not approve of in her private life. So please, go take your ignorant comment elsewhere, where some republicans can read it and agree.

    • Robert

      I’d just like to respond to your statement by saying that I am a registered Republican, and even I think that guy is a moron.

  • Pat

    I am pretty sure that in many states in the US the principal at least has the right to go through all of your belonging you bring to school.

    I don’t agree with this nor do I agree with the searching but honestly if you are going to be keeping things like that on your phone without any form of password protection you deserve for people to find it.

  • D

    I’m a teacher- and I do agree that the Princ. Shouldn’t have gone through the phone- that’s fine no prob. But what parents and students don’t understand is that by going to (a public-state run) school you are supposed to follow the rules of the school- which is a requirement for attending- if you want to attend you must comply. This girl that everyone is so proud of was breaking a rule- no phones on campus/no phone use on campus during school hours. She broke the rule- phone should be confiscated- given to police officer- and the school should be done with it. The Princ. screwed up but the kid obvious filled with great moral fiber, I’m sure mommy and daddy are proud, is not a “good” student and was caught breaking the school rules.
    As a teacher students who break the rules are hard enough to keep them teachable as is, when you through in idiot parents that think there kids are Angels and do no wrong or that there child has all these protected rights at school (like the right to have a cell phone at school) then you are wrong. It makes the teaching environment bad for everyone involved- support your teachers- not saying they are perfect- some make mistakes but they need the parent support and help for it all to work out. 2 many parents are in a fight against teachers like that’s the best thing for the student/child when that is the worst example and thing you can do.

    • Saddened

      Seriously? You’re a teacher? That makes me sad.

      • D

        Why? Because I stated Facts. A Principal or another teacher has no right, like others have stated, to go through a phone and look @ pics or read messages- agreed, true Fact. But the school/teacher/principal has every right to confiscate a cell phone and even have the contents of bags or lockers searched (sometimes this might involve a Police officer)- that goes with going to school- true Fact. Random drug dog searches, metal detector sweeps for weapons are all OK- because that is agreed upon when you go to a public school. Many “Rights” are not afforded to people when upon government/private property. You sign a contract saying you will follow these rules when you go to that school- so why get mad when consequences (ie. getting phone taken away) happen because of the student who knowingly doesn’t follow the rules. Cell phones are a major distraction to teachers, the students who are using them, and fellow classmates- that’s why they are not allowed. I have taken cell phones from students before and had the student turn off the phone- I turned it into the AP office and that was sent to the police station where the parents had to get it back. I never would have thought of looking, besides being illegal, into the students cell phones. I had every right to confiscate it, but no right to look into it. I love my students and also can’t stand them sometimes, but I always do my job and my students have always respected me and liked me for it. So you shouldn’t be “Saddened” except in missing the opportunity for me to teach you or your child, because you/they would have loved it- that I can promise you.

        • Dan B.

          Maybe because you don’t know the difference between using using throw and through and have no clue how to use punctuation? You are a freaking TEACHER? THAT is what’s scary, not necessarily your opinion.

        • J

          > Why?

          Because you use poor grammar:

          > when you through in idiot parents

          Presumably you meant “throw”.


          > they need the parent support

          Should have been “parents'” or “parental”.


          > This can’t be the only bad decision the principle has made.

          Try “principal”.

          • Paul

            That is fucking terrifying. I don’t care what subject you teach, you shouldn’t be able to call yourself a teacher with such poor communication skills. I sincerely hope you’re trolling.

          • D

            Like previously stated In another post I know my grammar sucks and I know I wrote principle instead of principal (that is a pretty easy mistake when you’ve been teaching all day- trust me)- so what I’m not an English Teacher or a grammar nazi. Neither of which have anything to do with what my post was about. If I was speaking you wouldn’t have been able to say or tell anything different, but because I wrote it you forget what the purpose of the post was about and worry about my grammar or wrong word usage- what a waste of intellect and time.

          • D

            Oh and adding an S onto parent to parents are you joking. When I’m typing fast to write a comment for some article online Im not doing a whole proof reading on some discourse for a final exam. You might be the perfect writer- I’m not. I wonder how many times you read and re-read your post so you didn’t look like a total ass when you posted. About every other person on here has put principle instead of principal. Lets just get crazy about pointless things. The English language isn’t universal the arts are.

          • Mazzieradiocrazy

            @ “D” teacher… lol Although I assume your name isn’t “D” just one letter,that just net account,So I’ll call you “D” as I don’t know your name..Hope you don’t mind?? Try not to stress about people commenting about “bad spelling” etc,Teacher or not… It’s an INTERNET BLOG! lol Everyone gets a bit lazy and types fast on here…. A few type errors/spelling mistakes on a WEB BLOG… lol No big deal..Seriously @ other people… Try being on Facebook…I know people who “tYp3 Lik3 dIz” and you’re complaining about THAT a…… :p LOL

        • Saddened

          My sadness has nothing to do with the article, but everything to do with your poor grammar and spelling skills. It doesn’t matter that you’re not an English teacher. I’m sure the students are still exposed to your lack of ability to type or write a proper and complete sentence. The fact is you are the shaping the minds of America’s youth without being qualified to do so.

        • roz

          If you cannot communicate then you should not be teaching. The fact that you got hired is a problem because if you are a teacher, you make teaching English an absolute nightmare because you do not lead by example. Proper grammatical ENGLISH IS NOT AN OPTION BUT A NECESSITY!!

          No wonder todays children are poorly served by their schools!

    • Resdiz

      I sincerely hope that you are not an English teacher.

      • D

        No I’m not an English teacher and I know my grammar is horrible, but that is neither the point, and not the problem. @FORCEDEDUCATION, I agree we should put in a trade school system in the USA. I think that a lot of the school system is failing in the US and being a teacher I can see where it needs to change on our side as well. But my post was mainly against the almost typical student who breaks school rules constantly and the parents get upset and even defend the student when they do. 20 yrs ago parents would look at a report card see an ‘F’ and ask there kid why they have this bad grade. Now parents get the report cards see an ‘F’ and they come storming in with the student attacking the teacher for the failing grade. Parents now expect Teachers to not only educate students, but to also teach them morals and raise them. Both parents work, never see the kids and they blame the teachers for the kids for not caring about school or following rules- when the parents are never home.

        • Clearly not an English teacher with the strange capitalization, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Fragment fun!

        • Mazzieradiocrazy

          I’m from Australia and here at our schools we have different programs which students can be involved in. Well,more so for the older students anyway….E.G. Here in Victoria,Australia,…You can choose to do VCE or VCAL… VCE stands for Victorian Certificate of Education which is rewarded at the end of year 12 (last year of Hishschool) with an Enter-Score.An Enter-Score is all the percentage of marks added up from the exams.This then gives the student the opportunity to go onto further study and go to university to follow their dreams/goals/passions,as long as they have earned a good enough enter-score to study whatever course they wish to study…E.G. Nursing,Journalism,Medicine,Legal Studies,Teaching,Professional Writing and Editing etc. VCAL on the other hand…Is a more “Hands on” approach for students who wish to get straight into the workforce after school as perhaps they don’t need to go onto further study for whatever they want to do.VCAL stands for Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.Another thing we offer here in Australia is “Work Experience” where year 9-10 students have 1-2 weeks of work placement where they choose a workplace to learn much needed work skills to prepare them for the work force.During that time,students attend the work placement during school/working hours and are usually paid a minimum wage for the work experience.They have to follow all the rules of the work place and the Employer has to assess their work standards,attitude,manners etc. This is recorded and given to both the student and school and the student can hopefully use this if they get good results…As an example of some experience they have in the work force when they apply for a job somewhere.We also have Sport Days and events at school outside of school such as socials and discos without any alcohol of course LOL. We have school excursions and school camps in both Primary School and Highschool and fun days at schools such as Crazy hair day,Crazy hat days,Fundraisers, BBQs at school and all…. Yes school is a place for learning but students are more likely going to attend and enjoy school with a positive attitude towards school if they have fun opportunities to get involved with fun things at school too.You can combine fun with learning.For example,reward students for well done hard work if you think it’s good enough they’ve earned it.Have fundraisers at Recess and Lunchtime where kids could make things such as cupcakes and jewlerry,raise money for the school or a cause and do some mathematics with it during maths etc (Although that my worse subject damn LOL) I was once a student with a bad attitude towards school,But once I changed my own bad attitude and started to see the good side of it,The teachers no longer seemed like grumpy mean people,They were really nice once I got to know them and respect them.We all have our experiences in life,even some outside of school that can distract us from learner at school but they key is to realise every experience good or bad is learned from and only makes you stronger,You have to stay strong and positive,have goals in life and follow them,Be willing to learn new things and take good risks,you could worry about everything you don’t have feeling miserable and sad,or you can love,respect,accept,enjoy and appreciate everything you DO have and be happy and glad.Life is only what we make it,the same as school.If you have a negative attitude towards school,expect a negative experience there but if you have a positive attitude towards school…your experience there will more than likely be a positive experience,I changed my neagative attitude about life back to a positive one after letting things get to me,and it’s the best thing i’ve done in years.Also,you might think this sounds silly but it’s true…When I wasn’t eating and wasn’t exercising coz I had no energy from not eating…My performance at school back then was poor,but once I forced myself to start eating healthy and getting involved with sport again,My performance at school improved and I can think more clearly now,I did it…So can anyone else and that includes all the kids at your school over in America.I’m sorry my reply is awfully long,it’s school holidays in Australia for many schools and universities,I came across this blog on the net,once I start writing I can’t stop,I’m out of control LOL 🙂 Hope this helps at least a little though 🙂

    • ForcedEducation

      Perhaps if children weren’t forced to go to school like some sort of day-prison then they wouldn’t be a problem.

      Look at college students.

      1. They choose to be there because they want an education.
      2. They have to pay for tuition.

      So I say, let the kids who don’t want to go to school join the ROTC program, or go learn to be a farmer or something. Let the kids who want to go to school attend and become smart.

      But, why wouldn’t kids want to go to school? I blame the parents, most parents don’t have the right attitude about school or about making their kids want to go there. But there ARE some kids who just hate school, can’t do much about them.

      Conclusion: America needs a better school system, and definitely needs better Parents.

  • mark

    yeah, privacy should be respected even for a kid…….. but if the principle had found msgs of impending violence against students he’d be a hero… just sayin

    and whats up with her legs…. they look like theyre bending the wrong way

    • icebrain

      Can I install cameras all over you house? If I found that you’re making bombs I would be a hero!


      No, just because he “might” have found something doesn’t mean he’s right. The only people with the power to make that decision is a judge, and even he must justify it well (“was using the phone in class” doesn’t cut it).

      “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  • Cannabis Man

    IF anyone ever tried to violate my privacy, whether I was in high school or not, I would cockpunch them.

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol Same her Cannabis Man 🙂

  • Cannabis Man

    I never paid attention to the teachers in school and just read out of the book instead. THey don’t know anything about the material and as long as I get passing scores on my exams, I am under no obligation to pay attention to the teacher or participate in class. I understand the material. Now they need to leave me alone.

    • D

      You are in obligation to follow the rules of going to the school. I feel sorry for you if all you had was bad teachers, but many teachers are well educated and very knowledgeable. I’ve had crappy teachers growing up also- every Coach/History teacher I ever had, but most were good in the very least bearable you just seem to have the attitude that is the real problem with the youth of today…

  • Joe

    Interesting story.. but the article seems to have been written by a twelve year old.

  • BroChilli

    Check out the sweet photoshop action in the picture. When you see it you will s**t lol

  • johnson

    anyone notice her legs look backwards in the picture?

  • xox

    I hope she spends in on something smart. like college. and not waste it away like some kids would.

  • Joe

    Quite possibly one of the most poorly written articles I’ve read in quite some time.

  • orange

    Stephan. There are spelling and punctuation errors in your article. Correct them if you’d like. I assume you are an ESL and probably not from America, or as you might say: not from ‘American’.

  • Keaton

    What’s going on with her knees dude.

  • justanotherday

    Not sure if 33k is appropriate, but that was the judgment. My concern is that the principle had nothing better to do than to go through a phone. Given how sensitive information in a phone can be, schools should have sign slips saying that if a student is caught using or having a phone in violation of school policy, the phone will not only be confiscated the information will be access and reviewed regardless of password. This should end or bring to a slow crawl of students using or having phones at times that they clearly should not. School is a time to learn. Sadly that is becoming more and more a social place than a place of learning. Drop out rates are at an all time high. Quality of education has significantly dropped compared to the rest of the world. This situation is exactly why our schools are falling our students. Break the rules, get $33, 000. Wait till this girl gets out into the real world and breaks the rules. Break the rules or not no privacy and with the Patriot act she will be paying that 33k right back to lawyers just to reduce her jail sentence. Hopefully the embarrassment will teach her a valuable lesson. Some of that money will have to go to seeing a psychologist. Teen peers can be brutal and jealous. Not a good combination. I feel sorry for the school. This can’t be the only bad decision the principle has made.

    • Jamar

      No, the school broke” the rules” (or rather, ” the law”) so she got $33k. She got her phone taken away when she broke the rules.

    • Eric

      If you want to get into a discussion about ‘how schools should be run’… then how about we consider A) treating students like adults so they can grow up to become adults, and B) remove the magnetic locks from the doors so students that want to drop out can do so at any time, free will.

      Not only would these two changes significantly alter society as we know it — where people truly believe in our Land Of Liberty and Free Country, because they were treated as adults in school with all those laws and liberties afforded to normal Americans — it would also increase grade point averages.

      Study after study has proven that people cannot learn when they are uninterested in being taught. Give them the option to leave, and most will rather stay. Nothing to rebel against, either.

    • icebrain

      “Given how sensitive information in a phone can be, schools should have sign slips saying that if a student is caught using or having a phone in violation of school policy, the phone will not only be confiscated the information will be access and reviewed regardless of password.”

      That would be illegal, with or without any sign.

  • TheMaskedCucumber

    Why are her legs backwards?

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol The principal had spaz attack @ her for suing and bent her legs backwards :p

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol The principal had spaz attack @ her for suing and bent her legs backwards :p

  • Semtex

    Eh..can we get back to her legs?… are we in agreement that she is a midget, alien or double jointed? 🙂

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol The principal stole her legs too coz nah the phone just wasn’t good enough so he took her legs too or maybe snapped them off coz he was angry she sued him :p

  • themysteryofporn

    finally, the mystery of how those thousands of cellphone pics that the girls who took them probably don’t want you to see get on the internet is solved.

    who knew creeper recycling plant employees were the culprit

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol What?? The principal uploaded them to net too???? :p

  • For all of you who think she should have had a password, think about this.

    1) Although most phones seem to provide a password protection mechanism, many do not.
    2) The principal would likely have asked her for the password. Many students aren’t aware of their rights and there’s a good chance she would have been intimidated into providing it.

    The principle is the one who was in the wrong, not the girl.

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol Was the prinicipal a creep?? WHY did he keep looking at the pics EWWWW

  • Pretty crazy, i mean i would have sued as well if my principal took my phone and searched though it. privacy please.

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol If I were her, I wouldn’t have sued… I would have LEFT the school… I mean the PRINCIPAL… Looking at nude pics of her on her phone then keep looking..that’s CREEPY…. He must have had you know what kind of feelings for her! :p

  • Anonymous

    Holy fuck what’s wrong with this chick’s legs?

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol WTF wrong with the principal for snapping her legs in half and bending them backwards :p

  • Ben

    This is insane. She needs to spend that 33K to buy a new set of legs.

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      The principal shouldn’t have bent her legs backwards then :p

  • Employer

    Where do you think the money comes from? It gets taken from funding for other education needs and then you all whinge that schools don’t provide enough equipment, that councils don’t provide adequate resources, because you are the most affluent generation that ever lived with everything given to you. And this is precisely why I won’t employ anyone under 30 – they all think the rules don’t apply to them. Good luck getting a job kids. Selfish Gen Y will be living at home with your parents until you’re 25 so start showing them some respect.

    • Jamar

      Have fun not hiring. Guess what, I’m under 30, and about a third of the way through college. You don’t want people like me, that’s OK- loads of Chinese companies do. And they pay foreigners rather well. You’re only limiting yourself.

      • Mazzieradiocrazy

        lol i’m way under 30 too and maybe we can all go work for Nike in China yeah??

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      I’m way under 30 and part of Generation Y. Allright, I admit SOME Gen Y people lack respect but there are also Gen X and Babyboomers people who also lack respect these days too. Because a percentage of Gen Y lacks respect….The rest of us are LABELLED by older Generations because of this.I know MANY Gen Y people that DO have respect.Some of us Gen Y people or kids whatever you want to call us lol…. Study hard in school and go to University,get degrees and also have part time jobs which soon lead to full time employment after we finish studying courses to get into whatever it is we want to do…It’s called following your dreams and passions. We may have everything given to us,But this has a lot to do with how the world is today such as technology which is upgraded to an extent no-one can really keep up with.I havn’t really ever whinged that schools don’t provide enough equiptment etc….However I have thought of ideas on how they could improve it and how we could help…E.g…Having fun fundraisers etc I can be silly and joke around but I’m not as dumb and stupid as what people think and neither are many of the rest of Gen Y.The problem is,our own generation is so judgemental of one another,we’re instantly labelled by what we type,say,wear,do etc and these days the older generations are no better because they see a few news stories where some Gen Y kids have caused trouble in the streets or something and just ASSUME that our ENTIRE generation is “BAD” When we actually do have some good people in our generation. I too have many ideas that would benefit the community and bring people together and the main thing stopping me from sharing them is the fact that my generation is so well judged and labelled I can only expect to be brought down and hummilated by many nasty jelous people from every generation for doing so….Yet I’m one who would usually be willing to take a risk and try something new,But what’s the point if people are going to judge and label us before even giving us a go?? An opportunity to try something and do something good.In other words,with an attitude towards young people like that such as “You don’t hire anyone under 30 because we don’t think rules apply to us”? You have just labelled and judged EVERYONE under 30 and if you actually gave them a chance and changed your own attitude towards them,by having trust in them…You may find yourself suprised that there actually are many young people under 30 who are willing to take responsibilities and follow the rules of the workplace and act in a reasonably mature way…You just have to have a positive attitude towards them yourself and have faith and trust and you can only expect they’ll give the same back to you.Sorry if I’m harsh with my long essay of a comment,But you really need to think things through and get to know a generation before judging an entire generation based on percentage of disrespectful young people from that generation,because not “ALL” of us are like the way you have described above 🙂

    • jr23

      i am getting sick of people saying there not providing enough money for schools there wasting a large percentage by doing the wrong things to and with students this is an example. in 1 county LEE Florida the budget is 1.3 billion dollars and only 85000 students almost $16000 a student.
      as far as this case the principal should be docked the amount there should be no covering a obvious breach of law

  • Marky Mark


    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      And to top it off… The principal bent her legs backwards :p

  • down_the_tubes_america

    Little spoiled brat gets more money than I’ll be probably save for the rest of my life for disrupting class by talking on a cell phone? The tax payers will pay for it. The school will just apply for more fed money. And she’s taught a special lesson in moral hazard. BYE BYE AMERICA… FLUSHHHHH.

    • Paul

      Wait, you won’t be able to save 33k over the rest of your life? That’s clearly your shortcoming, nothing to do with her. You should really reevaluate your life.

  • janelle

    What is wrong with her legs in that picture??

  • Jurge92

    What good is it to take $33K from the schools money? How the hell can you sleep well at night? If this is the average 17 year old American girl, then I think America is pretty f*cked up!

    • D

      Agreed- finally someone see’s why this is F@%&*$ up- and why our society is going down the tubes.

      • Saddened

        Please. Stop posting.

      • Saddened

        Your improper and excessive use of hyphens makes me want to satb myself in the face.

  • down_the_tubes_america

    Thank you for helping flush america down the tubes you little worthless brat.

    • Jamar

      Glad you care so much about the right to privacy. Take it if they want, but no searching. It was because they searched the phone that they got sued. Jeez, can you even read?

      • Mazzieradiocrazy

        Agree 🙂

  • Soul

    her fucking legs are not attach to her body. LOOK AT PICTURE

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol Put yourself in the girls backwards shoes…. First the principal confiscates her phone and goes through her personal msgs including nude pics of her on phone and NOW,NOW he snaps her phuking legs in half and bends them backwards because he got mad at her for suing :p

  • Sean

    Nice work to the photographer getting a discarded bra and underwear in the shot

  • stromm

    Having been a teacher and a parent I know there is this thing called “In Loco Parentis” – In Lieu of Parents.

    This is LEGAL justification for School staff (mostly your child’s specific teachers and administration) to search ANYTHING a student brings on to school property. Backpacks, purses, vehicles, desks, lockers, books, notebooks, electronic devices, clothing which can be removed without legally compromising them, etc.

    This is true in most states of the US but not all. It’s been this way since the mid-50’s. As far as I know, every student handbook makes this very clear. In my state, parents and students sign off acceptance of this.

    Electronic devices are now commonly used for cheating, there’s your reason for searching one when a student was using it in class. It’s no different than passing notes.

    If you don’t want your kid to suffer through this, teach them that there’s a place and a time for using your electronic devices and school isn’t one of them. It’s like sitting in a small business meeting and pulling out your phone…

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      Just out of curiousity….What’s the purpose of doing that?? Or does that only happen if the school suspects something suspicious of the student they are searching?

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      LMFAO…..What else do they have the RIGHT to SEARCH??? Students smelly socks and underwear too!!!! :p

  • Smartmom

    wow that is one limber girl her knees are going in the wrong direction – PHOTOSHOP! I’m submitting the picture to ewedecide.com

  • xhriscarbon

    Lol crazy legs and a bra in the same pic …nice 🙂

  • thumbgreen

    Blame the principal not the girl for the $33,000 loss to the school budget. If they [school employees] don’t learn there is a limit to their authority then this is going to keep happening. The principal had and still has absolutely no right to go through her or anyone else’s phone for any reason; that loss of $33,000 is the consequence of his actions and as far as I can see a consequence of the ever increasing arrogance of the school system in its entirety.

  • Anonymous

    People sit in small business meetings all the time and pull out their phones. That’s because, here in the 21st century, people use their phones for everything. For instance, I’m using mine to type a response to your rather ignorant comment.

  • foooooo

    This article needs an editor.

  • jerden

    Obviously, the only one who REALLY messed up is the Principal when he searched the data stored in it without reasonable suspicion. True, she shouldn’t have been using the phone in class, but that is solved by taking it and following school policy on what happens to it next. My real concern as I read the many comments is the ignorance shown by those of you who cannot express your ire without using such vulgar language. The real shame is that you were the ones who wrote the disparaging remarks about the poor spelling, grammar, and word usage when what you do in using such language is much worse. As this is a public forum, I hope that whoever is responsible for it will, in the future, preclude such language from being used by denying access to comments containing such vulgarity.

  • Yikes

    Poor spoiled brats. Of course you come by it honestly. Your parents think you are God’s gift to society.

    School is not a democracy. You have no rights. Except to sit down, shut up and pay attention.

    You think life’s a pain now??? Wait until you’re 28 and still living with mom and dad because nobody will hire your spoiled butt. You should have learned it in school but jobs are democratic either. The boss doesn’t like you playing on the cell phone and you disappear.

    Put the freakin’ cell phone away. You ain’t that important.

    Oh and by the way, they were wrong for searching the cell phone. Should have been confiscated and then forced mom or dad to pick it up. Maybe if they saw the porn pictures of their precious baby, they would have kicked some arse. No wait, they sued the school. Guess they don’t really care what she’s up to.


    The terrorists win.

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol How is a 17 year old just ONE year younger than 18 a friggin “baby” ?? :p

    • Gamekid_7

       stfu dude just because your down on your luck doesn’t mean you babble mindless shit

  • NataLee

    ??? ? ??? ? ?????????

  • Rome’

    When I catch a student using their phone in my classroom, I have the student remove the battery and I hold onto the phone it goes in a locked drawer. Second time offender the parents get a call stating how the student is either not paying attention or disruptive whatever the case may be. Third time the parents come and pick up the phone (the student retains the battery). My students are very aware of the rules and also aware if they can provide a good reason they need to have their phone on I will be fair. Is my way perfect no, but it does work for my classrooms and the students don’t seem to mind.

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      Fair enough re; phone confiscate etc but what do YOU think about the Principal going through the girl’s PERSONAL msgs??

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, what happen to her legs?

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol The Principal bent her legs backwards for revenge for suing??

  • ?ysy

    O kurwa, jakie zabiste nogi:P

  • Voice of Reason

    To those who have NO IDEA what is going on in with this case because they are too stupid to read the original news article:
    The girl was not “awarded” “damages” as this blog (and the resulting commentary) imply. The legal issue was not settled one way or the other (and from my research, I’m pretty confident the cards would have fallen in favor of the school, as children have a very limited expectation of privacy in a school setting). The school settled out of court to avoid court costs, which would have easily cost more than $33k.

    To the author:
    Get your facts straight before hurling falsehoods into the wild. My country is called “America” not “American.” No one was “awarded” anything. “Journalists” like you are the reason “community journalism” has a bad name. And “men” like you who think it’s “prudish” to balk at naked photos of children disgust me on a different level.

    • Boris

      Dude… Naked children? Have you seen your average 17 year old… Their no different then a 27 year old girl. People like you is a prime example of what’s wrong with America !!! Aka prudes.
      It only gets morally wrong when their 15 and younger.

      • Attmedia

        Umm…dude!!?? 17 is under age. It does not matter if they look like adults they are still under age. If you think looking at a 17 year old is ok just because she has the body of a 27 year old, than you are whats wrong with America dumbass. Try having sex with a 17 year old and than explain to the authorities that it was ok because she lookes like a 27 year old. You will be in jail faster than you could get a lawyer idiot.

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

    • Hipsterlol

      Your “over use” of the “quotation marks” makes you a “douche bag”

  • Boris

    Good… She deserves much more than 33,000 though.

  • roz

    If she was using the phone to cheat, which is what happens a lot of the time, Doesn’t the school have the right to look?

    It doesn’t mean the principal has a right to step on the moral soapbox and punish her for stuff on her phone that was not school related. That is what I find offensive.

    The school does have an obligation to stop cheaters though and maybe it’s time to ban all cellphones in class!

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      I think they should have asked her to switch her phone off or switch it off and hand in but NOT go through her PERSONAL msgs, I havn’t did this but I know from the papers we have to read before exams if you use your phone they consider you’re cheating and you then fail the exam even if you’re using phone for other reasons..Maybe they could try that system ?

  • seph

    Do all blondes change TV channels with a telephone and talk through a remote controller?

  • seph

    Do all blondes change TV channels with a telephone and talk through a remote controller?

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol MOST

  • Candygfriend

    obviously its photoshopped thats why her legs are hanging off the bed & she’s laying down..be smarter than the picture people

    • Mazzieradiocrazy

      lol The principal got mad at her for sueing about the phone and he bent her legs backwards :p

  • Sanchezhector420

    Ok so i had some papers in my Books that the principal went through and got ahold of can they do that??? He did not have my permission my mom dropped the books off on friday and i forgot to get them and he went through it and found copies of doctors notes that i had?? i was just wondering if he could do that cause if not im suing his ass!!

  • Mazzieradiocrazy

    I can understand how schools confiscate a mobile phone,But WHY go through her PERSONAL messages…Why not ask/tell her to simply “switch the phone off” or just put it away where it wouldn’t distract her and others…And on the less serious side… Here’s what happened lol:

    Principal conviscates phone & looks at nudie pics of her on her phone…WHY keep looking???? :p
    Girl feels humiiated and embarassed and reacts by sueing for revenge.
    Principal wants revenge on girl for sueing and bent girl’s legs backwards
    Photo is evidence
    THE END :p lol

  • Guest

    It is a breach of Privacy laws to access/read anything without permission. If she was smart, she would have taken the battery out before giving it up. If you someone who has one that you CANT take out the battery, then put in a lock code and refuse them access without a warrant. The Bill of Rights still supersedes the rules schools set, and we are protected from unauthorized search and seasure.

    • Guest


    • Guest


  • I want to see them pictures!

  • stopsocialism

    Kids should have very limited rights.  they are stupid.  they need to be controlled.  

    • stopidiocracy

      Idiots should have very limited rights.  they are stupid.  they need to be controlled.

      Because you come off as so much smarter than her.

      • Stopidiocracy hater.<3

        Ah, so, I suppose someone whom can’t even so much as type a correct sentence should be judging the rights of children, teens, and young adults? Please… Don’t make a fool out of yourself.

        Kids should have limited rights at a younger age, teenage years those rights should be improved greatly and by the time their sixteen or seventeen? Well, those rights should be on the same level as an adult. Maybe not the EXACT same level, but near it.

        If you ever have children, I wish them luck.. They’ll need it. 🙂

    • Kanerocks44

      kids r humans too dumba** they deserve the same rights as any other person in this country which includes the right to privacy

    • Jessy Cool

      not all kids are stupid. as a matter of fact iv seen more adults who need to be controlled then i do kids

    • Jesse

      your stupid and need controlled. that was the most ignorant comment ive ever read.

  • Public_enemy116

    That is true we should have all the to pit what ever we want on
    Are phones that is privet to us that what people do so I agree with

  • iguy

    phs the photographer shoulda moved the bra from the pic we cant cause controversy right?

  •  The girl shouldn’t have been using the phone in class, and the principle shouldn’t have gone through the images and messages on it. What the school board should do, is take that $33k from the principle’s salary to teach HIM a lesson.
    The phone in her right hand looks like a home cordless phone, and it could be a cell phone in her left hand.
    I don’t know the laws in all of the states, but here you can legally have sex with a 17 year old, but you can’t take nude pictures (or make nude videos) of them.
    The deal with her legs in the pic? Just plain odd, smells like a Photoshop job to me.

  • mez

    that’s some funny shit right there lmfaoo 

  • Aasdfadf

    does anybody notice the photoshop in this picture. look at the legs (the knees). look how she’s on her stomach yet the joints of her knees send her legs down to the floor…physically impossible.

    • Jesse

      I was hoping I wasn’t the only one to notice that lol

    • Michelle

       Actually, I think the picture was just taken at a very odd angle and her legs are stretched out behind her, but they /appear/ shorter and downturned due to how the picture was taken. Just saying.

  • aed

    its funny how all these ppl say she shouldnt of been usin her phone whn u know they do the same thing…the principal shouldnt of went through her phne and invaded her privacy she should of sued for way more

  • James22

    why the fuk would anyone CARE if a girl takes nude photos of herself ? WHAT the fuk happened to americia , its like the most rule bent pedo paranoid prude nazi nation the world has ever seen.
    LET GIRLS TAKE PICS OF THEIR BODY IF THEY WANT… reguardless of age… trust me , their un saggy vagina will not destroy the world …. its the saggy old bitter know it all morality pushing pigs that will. 

    • h fershizzle

       I wonder what happened to “americia,” too. Maybe illiterates like yourself? Hmmm…

  • cattir


  • I just want to say – the photo used to accompany the story is a photo of me. It’s a meme that’s been circulating for apparently a while, given that this story was posted over two years ago, but I just found out about today. The photo has absolutely NOTHING to do with the story. I’m not the girl from the article. The reason my legs look weird is just an optical illusion. I have normal legs. Oh and PS this photo was taken at least 6 years ago, that is an old school flip cell phone I’m talking on, and I have no idea why I was holding a landline phone in my other hand.

  • Triss A

    I need that lawyer. I have a huge issue with my kids’ school

  • student


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