Boosted Google Docs coming to Apple iPad, Android

mobile collaboration comes to Google Docs
mobile collaboration comes to Google Docs

Google quietly announced that it will be bringing some improvements to the mobile version of its Google Docs word processing service for the Apple iPad and the Android platforms.

Google Docs has been available on mobile platforms for quite a while and you can even edit these documents while you’re on the go. There are still many problems with this though, as I’ve found it to be a chore to edit especially when compared to the desktop version.

The search giant said soon Apple iPad and Android users will be able to simultaneously edit Google Docs pieces on the go at the same time, no matter what device they’re on. There’s no word on when this will roll out but I wouldn’t expect it to take too long.

This is just the latest improvement for Google Docs for mobile, as the company also recently added more document support. Some research indicates that users generally don’ want to edit much on the go but I think that has to do with the poor interfaces we’ve grown accustomed to while working with editiing programs on smartphones.

The mobile word processing may become an important differentiator as more and more of us want to do work while on the go. Research In Motion recently purchased DataViz in order to boost the productivity capabilities of its BlackBerry smartphones.

By the same token, Microsoft is pushing the built-in Office software in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform. This and the strong Microsoft Exchange integration should give Windows Phone 7 a good shot at wooing the mobile professionals.

I still don’t think that Google Docs is robust enough for all my word processing needs but it’s getting better all the time. The ability for multiple Apple iPad and Android users to collaborate at the same time is definitely a welcome addition.

[Via Google Blog]

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