Gmail for Android now includes Priority Inbox

Gmail now available in the Android Market for Froyo enabled phones
Gmail now available in the Android Market for Froyo enabled phones

We thought this would have happened in Froyo when it was announced, but it looks like one app at a time is better than nothing. Gmail is now available in the Android Market, and the updated version now includes new features like the much-heralded Priority Inbox.

So what’s so special about having Gmail in the Android Market when almost every phone has it pre-installed? Well, updates of course! Now, as long as you can find it in the Android Market, your Gmail app will stay up to date more often. Before,  users would have to wait for the entire batch of Google apps before getting the newest versions. By throwing Google apps in the Market, users can enjoy the latest version of Google apps without having to wait for their carrier to send out an update.

Unfortunately, it looks like Gmail can only be found on Android 2.2 devices, as I’ve trying search on a Samsung Vibrant and MyTouch Slide with no results. This isn’t all too surprising, but only so many people can have this since most Android users are still running 2.1 Eclair. Still, Froyo accounts for almost 30% of all Android devices and it will only continue to grow.

The updated app gives users improves replying options, and gives limited Priority Inbox options, which will be marked as important. We’re not completely sure if this is the updated Gmail app that’s been floating around for sometime now, but there are a couple new graphics implemented in the app, specifically the header. We have yet to have success moving the app to our SD cards, but some of you may have luck we just don’t have. Now, we’re wondering if Google will be pushing all of its applications into the Android Market.

So, if you’re running Froyo, you’ve got a Gmail update awaiting you.

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