Sprint CEO Dan Hesse: ‘We are not ruling out metered pricing’

Sprint is loved by heavy data users, especially those who have access to both its 3G and 4G or WiMax networks. Where some carriers place caps on their “unlimited” plans, or offered tiered data packages like AT&T, Sprint as been, in my experience, truly unlimited. However, with the competition moving towards caps and metered pricing, there is a possibility that Sprint may follow suit.

So far, the carrier really hasn’t had too many issues with handling its data users. It doesn’t suffer the same issues with saturation and demand like AT&T does with the iPhone. Sprint also has gobs of spectrum for its WiMax technology, which is still nowhere near as ubiquitous as its EV-DO coverage, so no real worries with that getting bogged down.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Sprint has made unlimited plans the centerpiece of its campaign to win back customers. The simpler offerings coupled with a better line-up of phones has helped reverse heavy subscriber losses from the past few years. But with data usage increasing exponentially–largely driven by heavy video usage–Sprint has to invest more to keep up with the capacity needs. It’s an issue the industry is wrestling with: juggling the exploding data demands with the established model of unlimited plans.

“We’re not ruling out metered pricing,” [Dan Hesse] said. “Tiered pricing is something we look at.”

Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, has also admitted that the carrier has lost money on its heaviest or high-usage users.

While the carrier has had a reputation for bleeding customers in the past, its Simply Everything plans, which bundle unlimited data and SMS packages with minutes plans, has been helping reduce customer turnover. Having high-end phones like the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G has also helped.

In the short term, metered or tiered pricing for data plans won’t be an issue for Sprint users, but the company is making it clear that there is a possibility in the future.

[Via: WSJ (subscription required)]

  • William

    I chatted with Sprint at sprint.com to inquire about their premium TV service for my wireless phone. They said all TV channels are included in my current service plan. I couldn’t get the premium channels to work so I chatted with Sprint again. The new representative said to accept the $9.99 monthly charge and that they’d credit me right away for the charge. When the bill came, the $9.99 charge was on my bill with no credit. I e-mailed Sprint’s customer service, but they completely ignored me. I e-mailed Sprint’s CEO, but I still did not receive a response. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, but Sprint’s response to the complaint was to provide me with a list of their TV channels.

    Don’t do business with Sprint. They’ll lie to you and rip you off.

    • WillieD

      As a Sprint user of multiple services over multiple years, many complaints and BBB filings, I can tell you ANYTHING Sprint says “Premium” is NOT included, there is ALWAYS a charge for it. Sprint TV XTra, Premium, Sprint Navigation Premium, etc, all upcharged.
      To make it easier – its actually listed on their website and rate plan pamphlets that these things DO cost. It also explains that Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Sprint Navigation (notice no “premium” is in there) are INCLUDED in select plans. Clearly you didnt read your contract or your plan inclusions.

      To the person with the contract that ended – You are able to cancel your service ON THE LAST DAY OF CONTRACT. Sprint however will not pro-rate your month as its been paid for in ADVANCE…Unlike T-Mobile who sends you the bill at the end of the month, Sprint and Verizon do it BEFORE service is rendered, then credit your next bill if there are mistakes.
      That too is in your contract and you must not have read it.

      There is nothing going on at Sprint that isnt in the fine print.

  • Deb

    My problem with sprint is that my contract was up September 28th 2010. And because my billing date is the 22nd of the month I’m getting charged for an extra month. If I were to cancel on the 22nd 6 days early i would have gotten charged $200 early termination fee. Why my contract date and billing date are different seems like a no win scenario. How nice for Sprint. When you sign up with Sprint get your monthly billing amount in writing. I asked the sales person 3 times what my monthly amount would be and it turned out to be $10 more than what he quoted.be.

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