HTC HD7 specs revealed, will bring Windows Phone 7 to T-Mobile US

HTC HD7 specs

A leaked spec sheet for the HTC HD7 gives us our first good look at this upcoming Windows Phone 7 handset. As expected, the HD7 is very similar to its predecessor, the HTC HD2. Both the HD2 and HD7 include a 1GHz processor, 4.3-inch touchscreen display, 576MB RAM, 5-megapixel camera and support for T-Mobile’s 1700MHz 3G band.

The HD7 has appeared on T-Mobile’s radar more than once over the past several months. The handset was listed on a leaked T-Mobile roadmap with the codename “Schubert” and appeared in a leaked accessory list with a November launch date. Just yesterday, the HD7 broke cover and was spotted with “HD3” chiseled into its backside, yet another indication that this handset is the successor to the popular T-Mobile HD2.

Outside of the US, the HTC HD7 has made its appearance in the inventory systems of O2 Germany and Vodafone, suggesting that this handset will launch globally. All Europen leaks suggest an October launch date which coincides with Microsoft’s launch plans for Windows Phone 7.

No word on a US launch date but I expect this handset will be confirmed in early October, either during or soon after Microsoft’s big Windows Phone event in NYC. Previous leaked roadmaps and Microsoft’s own launch schedule suggest the HD7 will land on the retail shelves of -Mobile sometime in November. Anyone excited by the prospect of an updated version of the HD2, branded with T-Mobile and rocking Windows Phone 7?

[Via wmpoweruser]

  • Mr. Chas

    This is very disappointing… Can’t we get a top notch HTC Android phone on T-Mo? Desire HD is what we want! Not another stepchild to an awesome HTC phone, only burdened with Windows like the HD2 was to the Evo 4G. I don’t care whether it’s WinMo 6.5 or Windows Phone 7… Isn’t it obvious that Microsoft are lacking when it comes to the mobile space? WinMo and Zune. Nuff said!

    • akachay

      i’d wish att get this1. btw, samsung vibrant is the best android on the market right now…i think i should be da1 complaining cuz i want windows phone 7

  • Mike

    I think there is something wrong with the spec sheet. for instance, the spec sheet is supposed to be a screen shot, yet the screen shot seems to be a mock up of a Word document which wasn’t fully spell checked. Notice the red squiggly line under the word “mic” (bullet #7 under Liquid Indicator Accessories. This is not a misspelling notification under Acrobat or any browser. it seems odd to believe they would have located a Word document of the specs. Also not that the “watermark” is behind the text or specs. This means that this entire spec sheet was retyped. If the specs were a screenshot then you could not apply the watermark under the text. Probably just more “leaked” disinformation.

  • GT

    Non-removable micro SD card? Where is the slot for a removable one? Will it work on TMO’s new HSPA+? Not that I want this phone, I still love android. Why can’t we get a phone with these specs with Android from TMO?

    TMO needs to read these sites. Help us please get a very high end HTC phone with the latest and greatest you have to offer.

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