Twitter for Android gets updated

The official Twitter application for Android has been updated, very minimally. Some things have been removed and added, but other than that, it’s the same Twitter app you’ve seen before.

The only noticeable change within the Twitter app is that the bird and clouds graphics at the bottom of the screen have been removed and replace with  Trends and Search icons. While I liked the bird and clouds – it added a little more pizazz to the app, I can see why Twitter may have changed the main page’s layout. When I first downloaded the app, I only found the trends screen by accident, as you have to click on the bird. Trend subjects would pop around the bird but it may not be enough for some people to realize that’s where you click. Also, the icons seem to have been slightly beefed up and look a tad sharper than before.

Other than that, nothing’s changed that you can notice. There are likely some bug fixes sprinkled throughout, but nothing within this update is really different enough that you’ll notice. Hopefully when Gingerbread comes around, Google will have flipped the switch on animated widgets, and Twitter will give us something other than the most vanilla-looking widget possibly. I still use Twidroid solely for its nicer widget, as you can see more than one update at a time.  While one doesn’t necessarily need this, I like it since I don’t have to click to see every new tweet coming may way. If animated widgets do eventually happen, I’d like to see something like the Peep widget from HTC Sense, that provides a user with multiple widgets, one of which will take up one full home screen panel and allow you to scroll with a flick, not pressing up and down arrows.

Other than the missing bird, and possibly some bug fixes, you won’t notice a thing about the new update. So if you’re partial to the bird and clouds, don’t update.

Anything I missed, hit us up in the comments.

[Via: AndroidAndMe]

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