Verizon to host Droid R2-D2 launch parties on September 30th

R2D2 Launch parties

R2D2 Launch parties

Verizon will officially launch its limited R2-D2 edition of the DROID 2 at a handful of parties slated for September 30th. Get your geek and freak on as many stores will open at midnight for some early morning partying with your fave Verizon staff while others will include Star Wars characters for your to poke, prod, and pose for pictures with. All of this is done courtesy of Verizon, Google, and Motorola as a promotion for this upcoming handset.

Sorry Easy Coasters, no love for you as the parties are scattered about the West Coast with a few token parties in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado to service the midwest. Potential attendees take note: if you actually buy a DROID instead of merely showing up for the festivities, you will receive a free Limited Edition R2-D2 T-Shirt & Poster. Anyone lucky enough to live near one of the ten launch cities going to check out the R2-D2 DROID next Thursday?

[Via Verizon Insider]

  • kilari

    I live in Seattle, and like Star Wars. But nope. I wouldn’t be caught dead there. I like my Vibrant and I like having a wife. She’d divorce me if I ever did anything that nerdy.

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