Windows Phone 7 to launch in the US on November 8th, in Europe on October 21st?

WIndows Phone 7 Banner

WIndows Phone 7 Banner

Contrary to the prevailing rumor that suggests Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 7 at a NYC event on October 11th, Paul Thurrott is reporting that Microsoft will launch its latest mobile OS on November 8th in the US. Though he confirms that there is a NYC event slated for October 11th, it is an annual event that is not associated with Windows Phone 7.

This revelation comes hot on the heels of another rumor that surfaced today and suggests the European launch of Windows Phone 7 is slated for October 21st. Supposedly Microsoft is planning launch events around Europe to promote Windows Phone 7, including one in London that will feature a local radio station. These events will coincide with the retail availability of Windows Phone 7 handsets across Europe.

Despite some confusion over the October 11th event, the launch of Windows Phone 7 is shaping up nicely. The European launch in October is fast approaching and we have seen a handful of phones including the LG E900 and the HTC HD7. The American launch is as exciting with the HD7 possibly landing on T-Mobile and the HTC Mondrian and more launching with AT&T. Anyone planning on purchasing a Windows Phone 7 handset when they finally make their debut?

[Via Neowin and Windows Phone Secrets]

  • nobudy

    MS sucks

  • Sanna

    Too bad it’s going to miss this, plus much more, as Android has already.

    No Tethering
    No Copy & Paster
    No Unified Inbox
    No Third Party Multitasking
    No Fast app switching
    No HTML5 or Flash
    No CDMA phones till 2011
    No 16GB phones announced
    No Swype
    No Spotify
    No Flexible
    Not Free and Open

    This is just getting ridiculous !!!

  • greg newman

    Please remember that the Iphone started out as smart phone with no tethering . no cut and past, no mulktitasking
    thurd party apps, and because it still doesn’t display flash video on it’s web browser a lot of People including me will not buy Iphone or the Ipad because we want to see all the internet sites and not part of the internet.

  • RSX


    Tethering is blocked because of the carriers
    Copy & Paster is available for core app’s
    No Unified Inbox – true
    No Third Party Multitasking – not initially
    No Fast app switching – ??
    No HTML5 or Flash – no HTML5, it will do Flash it’s confirmed by Adobe
    No CDMA phones till 2011 – CDMA? Seriously?
    No 16GB phones announced – that’s not saying they will not be available
    No Swype – Why Swype?
    No Spotify – not yet i guess? as far as i know there are no app’s for WP7 at all at this time.
    No Flexible – ??
    Not Free and Open – It’s Microsoft.

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