Amazon planning Android app store?

Is Amazon prepping an Android tablet?
Is Amazon prepping an app store for Android?

It looks like Amazon is preparing to launch its own app store for Android devices, according to sources over at TechCrunch.

As you know, Android phones get most of their applications from the official Android Market. This has been a relative success, as the store is almost at the 100,000 app mark. That’s still far below the rival Apple App Store but it’s remarkable growth considering the platform is only about two years old.

There are still multiple complaints about the store though, as it is rife with copyright violations that Google doesn’t seem to care about. Do a search for “The Simpsons” in the Android Market. How many of those do you think are officially licensed?

The rumored Amazon Android app store should take care of that, as well as utilize the retailing giant’s global payment system. While Android Market is expanding its paid app support, the appeal of Amazon’s payment system is obvious.

The company has apparently been reaching out to developers and not sharing the exact details until these app makes sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the Amazon Android app store. Amazon’s music store is preloaded on many Google Android devices but it looks like the online retailing giant wants to go over the top of Google.

The reports suggest that the Amazon Android app store could be “more restrictive” than the Android Market, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it cracks down on blatant IP violations.

The problem with this store and the looming Verizon V Cast store for Android is that it exacerbates the fragmentation issues. It’s unclear how these stores will operate but it’s starting to look like not all phones with Google’s mobile platform will have access to the same apps.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on this as more information becomes available. Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Via TechCrunch

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