How Popular is the iPhone?

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, it’s no surprise where Apple stands with the iPhone. It has been losing some market share to Android, Google’s rapidly growing operating system, but the iPhone is still special. The infographic above just shows where it stands in the U.S., and globally. Poor little Steve Jobs is just getting rained on by Nokia, the global leader, and Samsung and LG. But that’s now all!

Surprise! Apple dominates all of them, RIM’s BlackBerry included, in terms of value share. That’s right – despite it’s relatively smaller presence in the world, Apple owns Nokia, Samsung, LG and BlackBerry combined in terms of revenue for smartphones. Impressive, eh?

When it comes to market share, it seems that the numbers don’t mean a whole lot in terms of profitability.

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  • a1by

    Shouldn’t the title of the post be how profitable is iphone?

    • The infographic highlights numbers, but I decided to illustrate how this can skew one’s views about the mobile landscape because it’s not all about market share.

  • Roger Thornton Brown

    So, despite the Iphone losing out to every other manufacturer in TPMS of market penetration and usability the Iphone is still king because their profit margin is larger. In any other world that would be called ripping of the consumer. Only in iphone fanboy world is that cause for celebration. Bend over boys!

    • Meanwhile, RIM is struggling to build an OS with any modern-day consumer relevance, Samsung and LG have virtually no real impressive presence in the high-end smartphone market, and Nokia — well, Nokia is currently suffering a mass exodus of executives.

    • Felipe

      You sound bitter. And no, the iPhone is not that much expensive than other phones. Only $200 dollars in At&t for the newest phone with a contract. Unless you are broke that is nothing. Don’t be mad at us because we have more expending power.

    • seth

      “So, despite the Iphone losing out to every other manufacturer in TPMS of market penetration and usability”

      If you look at market share on a manufacturer basis, Apple is one of the few top smartphone manufacturers to be growing marketshare. On an OS basis, Android is gaining on iOS (it may have overtaken it in the US, but Apple still has a substantial lead globally), but that is because the smartphone market as a whole is growing. Android is taking a small chunk of iOS sales, but the real losers are Nokia, RIM and Microsoft. Android will be the largest smartphone OS, but iOS will be a strong 2nd in the market with healthy growth and a better app eco-system.

      I’ve never seen any serious commentator talk about the iPhone losing out in terms of usability.

      “the Iphone is still king because their profit margin is larger. In any other world that would be called ripping of the consumer.”

      No, it’s called having a good product. People are prepared to pay more for iPhones because they are good products. Profitability is what will keep the iOS app eco-system healthy.

  • ola

    It’s bullshit. We all know android has passed iOS a long time ago….the droid rules, ios is outdated and a sorry excuse for a phone.

    • Connor Crosby

      Someone is having a temper tantrum. I use an iOS device and I think it is a fine operating system.

    • Kko

      @ ola, apparently you can’t even comprehend a simple infographic which spells it all out for you – ie iOS still rules, and by a big margin. Oh, and take a peek at the buyer loyalty of Android and iPhone – iPhone owners clearly love their phones more than Android owners love theirs.

      Not that I care much – just get tired of the misinformation peddled by Fandroids and the increasingly flaky/crooked Google itself.

      • Damo

        I would slightly disagree with your interpretation. From my experience I would guess that a significant amount of those saying they will stick with an iPhone next are doing so because they have spent so much money buying apps that to jump ship would seem like a waste of all that money. I know I had that feeling when I finally dumped the iPhone for Android; it was only lessened for me becasue I bought an iPad. In contrast Blackberry and Android owners have likely not forked out so much in apps. That’s just my take on it of course! 🙂

    • seth

      If iOS is outdated that must make Android pre-historic cause they basically just copy everything Apple does

  • Dave

    I like how 68% looks like more than 75% in the picture 🙂
    (worldwide: 68% use a mobile phone)

  • Mace

    Mass exodus of executives in Nokia?? So, they changed the CEO and one internal candidate decided to leave the company after 6 months. Very, very normal business in any company. Why do you always try to make things look bad for Nokia?

    • seth

      “Why do you always try to make things look bad for Nokia?”

      Because they are. The reason executives are getting the shove from Nokia is because they are getting eaten alive by Android and iOS.

  • Ryan

    The numbers are very interesting indeed but still nothing to get too excited over.

    I don’t think market share has ever been something that Apple worries too much about. User experience has always been their main goal and they are very good at it. It is also a more fun way to make money than by market share. (as indicated by app sales).

    Just look at their market cap. I don’t think they are worried by any stretch of the imagination.

    I also think Android and iOS are destined to take majority share of the market (split a little to Androids favor). I don’t think either side is worried about the other too much though as they’ll each overlap a little but largely be serving different user types.

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