Nerdgasm: The R2D2 iPhone 4 Sticker

The R2D2 iPhone 4 Sticker

The R2D2 iPhone 4 Sticker

There are few things more satisfying to a hardcore geek than an iPhone and Star Wars. Mesh them both together, and what you’ve got is nothing short of a nerdgasm. And that’s what I have for you early this morning.

Coming to us via Etsy (of course), the R2D2 iPhone 4 sticker is chock-full of… oh, nevermind, I just had a nerdgasm. This thing is sweet. The creators at shortsleevealliance have outdone themselves on this one.

The sticker itself is full color (CMYK) and printed on a durable vinyl. It is printed using solvent ink, and then passed through a big plotter, and then die cut to fit. The designers give it a life cycle of about 5-7 years. Considering you’re probably going to use the phone for 1 to 2 years max, this seems like more than enough durability.

The best part about this? The price. For only $2.00 plus shipping, you can have your very own game playing, app loading, phone call taking R2D2. Buy it, stick it, and use the force.

R2D2 iPhone 4 Sticker ($2.00) [Etsy link]

  • Kevin

    The correct phrase is “chock full”, not “chalk full”.

  • Right you are. While the grammar police are out, I believe a hyphen is in there as well. (chock-full)

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