What is the U.S. Cellular Belief Project?

The Belief Project will launch on U.S. Cellular soon
The Belief Project will launch on U.S. Cellular soon

What the heck is U.S. Cellular up to? The sixth-largest U.S. carrier is teasing something it’s calling The Belief Project and it could something relatively big.

U.S. Cellular has a countdown clock going for an announcement for the first day of October and the text on the site suggests it will be making some changes to how it charges users.

The Belief Project is coming,” U.S. Cellular says. “The clock is ticking. The time is near. On October 1, the wireless world will get a long overdue wake-up call.”

What is U.S. Cellular going to do? We haven’t heard much but the poll it has on that site suggests it may be ending contracts. Rival MetroPCS has shown that the prepaid model can be a success and it actually recently passed U.S. Cellular in terms of overall subscribers.

There’s also some clues that upgrading handsets will be less expensive but I don’t know how the company can pull that off while ditching long-term contracts and still having attractive handsets like the Galaxy S.

Also, look for the carrier to offer 24 hour live customer support and it could also ditch early-termination fees.

We’ll know a lot more in a few short hours, so keep it tuned to IntoMobile.

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  • DonoDrey

    I think both MPCS, and USC will have a far way to go before they start getting a little competitive regarding their coverage. Rate, and price wise they’re very competitive with the likes of tracfone. The major problem being restricted to the area you’re in. Tracfone for example rides on the verizon network, and has free roaming. Now if I was confronted by a whole lot of phone options, and they all looked the same, offered the same, then the outstanding element of coverage will, did, turn the deal to tracfone.

  • Ramona

    This is exciting. US CELLULAR has a lot more to offer compared to other carriers..better network, afforadable plans, the ONLY carrier that works great in subways, offers discounts for just being loyal..beat that AT&T and Verizon!

  • Tim

    DonoDrey, US Cellular has several plans which have nationwide coverage through roaming aggreements with verizon/sprint etc. Also, all of the plans that were launched with the belief project are nationwide as well, so not only are you able to use your phone most anywhere in the USA, you won’t be charged for roaming either. (this was also the case on their previous national plans, which they’ve have for at least a year(likely more))

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