Motorola Ciena – one of the lowest-end Android phones to date headed for Verizon

leaked Motorola Ciena budget Android phone for Verizon

Motorola is covering all of the bases with its Android devices, from high-end devices like the Droid X, to lower-end phones like the upcoming iDEN i886 – there’s a Motorola Android phone for any price these days. Here’s another one that won’t be making the pockets of the power users, the Motorola Ciena, which looks about as mala calidad as you can get.

The Ciena, aka the Motorola WX445, was expected to hit Verizon sometime in September, but that month came and went with no sign of the device. It may replace the Devour at some point due to its low specs, but the phone may actually never make it to market. The Ciena sports a 3 inch display with a resolution of  240×320 pixels, a 528MHz Qualcomm processor, 256MB of RAM with 100MB of ROM, and 3MP camera with no autofocus or flash.

The device is also said to sport the “Backtrack” the mousepad-like navigation method found on some of Motorola’s other phones. From our experience, devices with the Backtrack seem to be the worst, not because of the Backtrack,  just because they are usually lower-end, not so great devices.

To make matters slightly more grim, the Ciena is also said to be running Motoblur, but without the social-networking integration. We’re not sure if the version of Motoblur is similar to that of the Droid X, the much uglier version found on the Devour, but we’re hoping it’s at least somewhat toned-down.

The Ciena also may not come with Google services installed, as they phone violates some of the minimum hardware requirements like storage space for applications, vibration implementation, and notification lights. Google has been known to bend their rules a bit, but the Ciena may be better off not in the hands of the people. If it eventually does hit Verizon shelves, we wouldn’t be surprised if you got this thing for free on a two-year contract.

While the phone may be crap, Motorola is smart to make budget Android phones as well. That said, the experience on this device could be quite a turn off for someone, and may not consider Android for their next device. Raise your hand if you’re excited about this phone.

I didn’t think so.

[Via: AndroidAndMe]

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    Oh look its the Samsung Instinct S30 in a Palm Pixi body…haha

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