StartTalking is possibly the best handsfree texting app for Android

StartTalking app for Android for handsfree texting

A company called AdelaVoice launched StartTalking, touting it as the world’s first smartphone application that lets motorists keep their eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. As you can imagine, StartTalking relies on voice-based technologies, making the entire process of composing, sending and receiving text messages seamless by eliminating any touching or looking at the mobile phone. In fact, the application operates with the mobile phone’s display screen off, further reducing distractions while at the same time enhancing battery life.

There are no buttons to push, no menus to go through – you simply speak commands, dictate messages and listen to messages. It’s that easy.

However, I can see a problem when you screen is turned off. Let’s say you want to use a phone for navigation, too? What happens then? I haven’t been able to try StartTalking myself, but that sounds like a problem. Then again, you can always switch between the apps…

To download StartTalking, simply search for it in the Android Market. Your smartphone needs to run Android 2.0 or higher and if that’s on place, you’re ready to go. 😉

  • You don’t have to turn the phone’s display off. If you are using the phone for navigation, you can have that working and still use StartTalking. It is only recommended to turn off the display to minimize unnecessary distractions.

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