Microsoft Windows Phone 7 app store rounds into shape

The Windows Marketplace for Mobile rounds into shape
The Windows Marketplace for Mobile rounds into shape

We’re getting ever so close to the launch of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 but the platform won’t be competitive if it doesn’t have a robust app store. Fear not true believers, as the Windows Marketplace for Mobile is quickly rounding into shape.

Microsoft isn’t naive enough to think that its untested platform will galvanize developers immediately the way the Apple App Store did but it has made a few smart moves to make sure Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be filled with desirable programs. It is partnering and paying developers to create apps, so Windows Phone 7 should at least launch with popular programs like Netflix, Twitter and more.

Beginning today, all registered Windows Phone 7 developers will be contacted and invited for early submission. A couple thousand of those will be given early access to the store and on Oct. 11, those chosen will receive instructions on how to make sure these apps are published when Windows Phone 7 launches – All signs are pointing to an early November debut.

On its blog, the company gave a few more details on its approach to delivering apps:

There are several app store models out there today, but we’ve been given a unique opportunity to start from scratch and launch a Marketplace with one great year of experience under our belt. As I said earlier, our approach is philosophically the same. But now we know how to do it better. We’re focused on enabling a broad developer community to create quality apps and games that take advantage of the unique features of our phone, and we’re providing better tools and guidance to do it. We continue to keep our certification standards high and our policies transparent, while keeping the door closed to more questionable content. We also continue to improve the speed and predictability of our certification process so developers can more accurately plan.

[Via Windows Phone blog]

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