Stick Golf HD for iPad: Can you Unlock ALL of the Achievements?

Stick Golf HD for iPad

Stick Golf HD for iPad

For anyone that enjoys the game of golf as much as I do, Stick Golf HD for iPad is a must-have. I’ve been playing the game going on a month (at least) now, and it’s a good game to have on-hand for any idle moments that creep up on you.

The game is simple. Golf holes are portrayed as side scrolling ‘levels’ of sorts, much like you’d see in original NES games like Super Mario Brothers. You can adjust your aim with simple left and right arrows, and when you’re ready, you hit the power meter to set how hard you hit the ball. That’s pretty much it. Simple… and fun.

As you progress through the game, the courses get wackier and wackier… and I have to hand it to the developers, they’ve done an absolute AWESOME job of updating the game with new courses and features over the past month. Since I started playing the game, two new ‘packs’ of courses have been added (8 courses in total), and some other cool features have been added too, giving the game added life and game play in my books. Stick Golf HD is a winner, that’s for sure.

With all that said, for those that already have the game installed on their iPad, I have a quick little ‘tip’ for you. If you’ve already conquered all of the courses on ‘easy’ and ‘hard’, here’s the tip… From the main menu, click ‘achievements’. You see all of the mini ‘rewards’ you can win? Can you win them all? As you can see in the screenshot (below) I’m making some progress myself, but completing all of them will be a tall task. That said, I’m looking forward to giving it a try (and be sure to let me know how you do via Twitter @JamesFalconer, or leave your reply in the comments!).

To end off this post, a quick *tip of the cap* to the developers at Noodlecake Games. It’s really nice to see when developers take a success and keep developing and developing some more. I can hardly wait to see what new courses and features get built into this one!

Stick Golf HD for iPad ($2.99) [iTunes link]

Note: Yes, of course, the app is available for the smaller display of the iPhone as well. I highly recommend the iPad version for added enjoyment, but if the iPhone is your gaming device of choice… give it a shot.

Stick Golf for iPhone ($0.99) [iTunes link]

Stick Golf HD Achievements

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