Review: The Coveroo iLuv FlexiClear iPad Case

The Coveroo iLuv FlexiClear iPad Case in-hand

The Coveroo iLuv FlexiClear iPad Case in-hand

Professor FarnsworthGood news, everyone! I’m pleased to report that Coveroo recently approached me, wondering if I’d like to test out one of their iLuv FlexiClear cases. Naturally, I was more than happy to oblige, and quickly asked that they send a Hubert J. Farnsworth (the professor from Futurama) emblazoned iPad case for my review. I had never owned anything form Coveroo before, but had only heard good things.

If you’ve never heard of Coveroo before, they make customizable cases for all sorts of gadgetry, including most BlackBerry devices, the iPhone lineup, iPods, the Amazon Kindle and a lot more. The fun thing about Coveroo is all of the custom designs available. When you get to their website, you first find a category, then a design… then you select your device and choice of cover… and faster than you can say Coveroo, your custom order is set.

In this review of the Coveroo iLuv FlexiClear case for iPad, I hope to give you a good rundown of the pros and cons. Let’s get started.

Professor Farnsworth on the back

Fit, Finish and Quality

The fit is, in a word, phenomenal. After slipping the iLuv around the iPad for the first time, the thing fits like a second skin. Which, I suppose, is a good thing… because while this is listed as a case, for all intents and purposes I’d call it more of a protective skin.

The finish is shiny and translucent. While the case sent in my direction is kind of a transparent brown-ish color, blue, pink and clear are the other options available on Coveroo’s site at the moment. No complaints here, the color looks good, end of story.

In the hand, the case feels great. There’s a slight softness to it, and as long as you wash your hands (you DO wash your hands, right?) you’ll always get a firm grip without worry of dropping it.

In terms of quality, again, I have to say I am pleased. I can make out no visible seems in the case, and from the use I’ve put it through so far, it appears to be handling things very well. Most important of all I suppose, my iPad remains protected within the thin layer of iLuv goodness from Coveroo. No dents and scratches on the iPad to speak of since I started using it. That’s a good thing.

The Coveroo iPad Case

Durability for Daily Use

In terms of durability, this is my only potential area of concern. I’ve been using this case for 3-or-so weeks now, and while it’s holding up quite well, some visible signs of wear are apparent. I’m by no means a ‘power’ iPad user, but this concerns me for some that may be just that. However, if you don’t mind the case getting a tad roughed up, I suspect it’ll hold up just fine for years to come… But if you’re looking for something a little more heavy-duty or ‘rugged’, this definitely isn’t the right choice for you. If you’re a medium to light iPad user like myself, there’s nothing wrong with this one whatsoever. It protects your iPad, keeps it safe, and provides easy access to all controls and inputs (you can charge and sync with your iPad in the case). It’s a winner!


Custom Design – How can you not love all of the custom design options? Chances are that no matter where your interests are, Coveroo has a design that is a perfect fit for you. Being the geek that I am, I went with the Professor Farnsworth design… and if you’re like me, there are many more Futurama options available. Be sure to check them out!

Fit and Finish – This case was clearly made with precision in mind. After you slip it on your iPad for the first time, you’ll be more than pleased with how well it fits your ‘magical’ device. This ensures solid protection, a firm grip (for you), and a finished product that looks just about as sharp as it performs.


Durability – with heavy use, I could see durability of the case being a concern. I’m by no means a heavy iPad user, but I do pull it out at least once a day. Even at that pace, I’ve noticed some light wear on the case only after a few weeks’ effort. That said, I don’t want to knock the overall durability of the case, it’ll hold up for a LONG time. But if you want something that looks pristine for a long time… you better baby this one, or look elsewhere. It’s up to you.

Color OptionsCoveroo was kind enough to send me a sort of translucent brown edition of the iLuv case for iPad (at least that’s what it looks like to me). Currently, the site only has a blue, pink and clear case available. If blue and pink aren’t for you, clear should surely fit the bill for most… but that said, it’d be nice if Coveroo had a few more color options available. It’s always nice to have your choice of colors. Just sayin’.


In the end, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind product that protects your iPad quite admirably, there’s nothing wrong with this Coveroo. The iLuv FlexiClear provides easy access to all of the iPad’s controls and ports, and protects from those little scratches and dings that tend to happen with regular use. The only thing I would advise to you (if you’re considering a purchase) is to take your time browsing through the Coveroo site for design options. There are MANY to choose from (to say the least), so make sure you have the right design and case combo before you purchase. If you do, you’ll have an awesome little iPad case that you’ll love and use for years to come.

Coveroo iLuv FlexiClear Case for iPad ($34.95) [Coveroo link]

Note: The iLuv FlexiClear comes with a small plastic ‘stand’ for your iPad. While the stand certainly leaves a lot to be desired (you have to bend, fold, and snap it together), it will do in a pinch.

The Coveroo iPad Case on its plastic stand

  • Great case. I like the clear transparent style. Its very slick and keeps the iPad in full view. IPAD itself is a classic product design and there is no point in fancy cases that conceals the device. This one is competitively priced too, which is great.

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