Wolfram Alpha Launches Android App for Obscure Fact Search

Wolfram Alpha’s “computational knowledge engine” has found its way to Android after a lengthy stay on iPhone. You might recall that when it first came out, Wolfram Alpha was notorious for its ridonkulous $50 pricetag at launch, but luckily they’ve since wised up and are offering both Android and iPhone versions for $1.99. The app includes voice search, and it looks like it’s preloaded on the G2 that launched on T-Mobile recently.

If you’ve never had a chance to check out the website, Wolfram Alpha specializes in mathy search results. Wondering how much 53,271 apples weigh? Or maybe the distance between Pluto and the Andromeda galaxy? How about the length of a grasshopper’s larval stage? The breadth of information Wolfram Alpha is truly dizzying – just take a look at these examples for a taste. This could be a really useful app depending on what kind of obscure stuff you talk about with friends, or how how much number-crunching you do at work.

Links to both Android and iPhone apps are below – hey, maybe we’ll see it on BlackBerry next?

– Download for Android ($1.99) [Market Link]

– Download for iPhone ($1.99) [iTunes Link]

[via MarketWire]

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