Video: iPad Destroyed with a Shotgun

iPad Destroyed by a Shotgun Blast

Ever shot an iPad with a handgun? How about a shotgun? I highly doubt it. That said, if you have a genuine distaste for Apple, or just the iPad itself, the video above should bring a smile to your face. Hit play on the video above and you’ll be treated to Apple’s magical device being shot dead execution style with a shotgun blast. Oh dear.

This is of course nothing more than a publicity stunt by the folks at… you know what, I’m not even going to mention they’re name. For some reason I feel dirty doing so. You’ll see the link to their website at the end of the video, that’s enough cred, right?

For what it’s worth, I thought this made for some light (and humorous) Sunday afternoon viewing. I dig the happy-go-lucky music to accompany the destruction. The super slo-mo ain’t too shabby either.

iPad lovers cover your eyes, and everyone else… hit the replay button.

Happy Sunday all.

iPad Destroyed by a Shotgun Blast

Thought: Are there any manufacturers out there making bullet-proof cases for the iPad? 🙂

[Via: ZiPadBlog]

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