Conan O’Brien Debuts His Own Foursquare Badge

Conan O'Brien Foursquare Badge

Conan O'Brien Foursquare Badge

Conan O’Brien on Foursquare!? That’s right buck-o, keep reading!

I have to admit, I still don’t get Foursquare. I had it installed on one of my BlackBerry’s, and I didn’t enjoy it very much. Oddly enough, the app is ‘stuck’ in a ‘loading’ state on my iPhone as we speak. I tried to load it up last week sometime, thinking ‘I gotta give this Foursquare thing another try’. After clicking install, the process just hanged, and hanged, and hanged… and the darn thing never installed. Very strange for sure, but hey, maybe Foursquare wasn’t meant to be for me 😛

If you’re unlike me and can’t get enough Foursquare, here’s a bit of awesomeness for you… that is, if you dig Conan O’Brien. One of my favorite writers, comedians and talk show hosts is getting reading to launch his new show on TBS, which starts November 8th. In fact, you may have noticed the giant orange CONAN blimp hovering over the ballpark in Philadelphia (brilliant). #TheConanBlimp will be hovering all over the east coast this October, and if you spot it, you can check in to unlock a special ‘Conan’ badge on Foursquare. Sweet! Maybe this is the linchpin to get me using Foursquare?

This is quite a clever little campaign for sure. Very clever. Very clever, indeed. Team Coco fever is already spreading across social networks (Conan is hilarious on Twitter by the way, follow him @ConanOBrien), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a hilarious debut on November 8th.

For more information, the blimp even has its own mini website, which you can check out here. Alternatively, you can check out, or check on the current whereabouts of #TheConanBlimp by floating by

*tip of the cap* to TBS, AT&T, and Conan. I’m with Coco!

[Via: Mashable]

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