Upcoming iOS 4 Update to Fix Alarm Clock Bug

Apple Clock App

Apple Clock App

In the real of iOS updates, there are big ones, and smaller incremental ones… you know, the ones that address a whackload of bugs and minor issues. I wish the update I am about to tell you about was a biggie, but sadly it’s just a wee one. That said, for anyone that leaves their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on their bedside table for use as an alarm… please take note!

Ever since September 25th, a strange bug came to light in iOS 4 when the good folks of New Zealand switched over to Daylight Savings Time. Aussies ran into the same issue on October 3rd, when they made the switch. The problem? Alarms were going off an hour early from Auckland to Perth.

So what’s the issue? Turns out a bug in the Alarm Clock app has come to light. When a change to Daylight Savings Time goes down, the Alarm Clock app has some, shall we say, issues… causing alarms to go off an hour early. Of course, you can work around this by setting your alarm for an hour later than usual, but c’mon, this should be an easy fix.

And, wouldn’t you know it… it is.

Apple Australia is apparently well aware of the situation and have assured concerned users that a software fix is on the way. The fix will hit the rest of the world before any other DST changes occur… So a big ‘ol ‘thank you’ has to go out to the folks in New Zealand and Australia for taking the brunt of the hit here. I have a feeling there will be more than a few more Kiwis and Aussies awaking to their alarm a little pre-maturely… but hey, a fix is coming, Apple swears!

Stay tuned for more, the update should drop fairly soon.

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • Daniel

    LOL…you said whackload!!! I am so gonna get banned from posting on this website…

  • Sleep deprived Aussie

    Bring it soon! 2 days in a row I was roused at 4am instead of 5, then went back to sleep & slept in to 6, the sugegstion on Aussie TV was to delete the alarms & reinput, then was told to turn off auto time update… GRRRR

    Ended up going back to using my Nokia E63 as a backup in case I forgot to set my Iphone alarm manually each night.

    This is my 1st time use of any Apple product & I am a tad wary/weary!

  • Chris

    well, Apple is too late, since DST hit Brazil this sunday. So did the bug…

  • kevinmorice

    Still not updated and it hit the UK today. Only our change is in the other direction so all the iPhone users are an hour late for work this morning.

  • Dave

    How can a simple thing like an alarm be an issue, when all it need to do is sound at a required time!!!!!

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