A look at Microsoft Windows Phone 7 apps

Windows Marketplace for Mobile will bring apps to Windows Phone 7
Windows Marketplace for Mobile will bring apps to Windows Phone 7

We know that Microsoft is bringing the goods when it comes to hardware with its Windows Phone 7 software but hardware alone isn’t going to cut it when it comes to the smartphone battle. Mobile programs are going to be an important battleground and Microsoft wants you to know that Windows Phone 7 will have an app for that.

As you may know, Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be the only way to get apps on your Windows Phone 7 smartphone. During the introductory press conference, the software giant brought out some app partners who showed what the platform will be capable of.

AT&T will be the “premiere” carrier for the new smartphone OS and the company will also be bringing a U-verse app to Windows Phone 7. As we’ve seen on the iPhone version, the U-verse app will enable Windows Phone 7 users to access their TV guides, schedule recordings and you should be able to download programs and watch them on the go.

eBay and IMDB also showed off apps and both looked smooth and solid in bringing you what you’d expect from these types of services. These provide standalone experiences but also still neatly fit in to the Windows Phone 7 user experience.

Electronic Arts also showed off some of its programs for Microsoft’s upcoming smartphone platform and you’ll be happy to know that “The Sims” and other games will be at your fingertips. When you combine this with the strong Xbox Live integration and the 3D gaming, Windows Phone 7 is shaping up to be a major mobile gaming player.

Microsoft has also been paying developers to create apps for this platform, so the Windows Marketplace for Mobile should be filled with high-profile apps like Shazam, Netflix and Twitter before too long. It’s not going to match up against the App Store or Android Market in terms of sheer volume but it should have many of the apps people expect to be able to download to their phones.

  • Anonymous

    When the Iphone first came out it did not have multitasking. or cut and paste or show flash in it’s internet browser in 2011.it’s multitouch technology and app made it strong. The windows phone 7 will get cut and paste in 2011. I bet the reason Balmer spoke the Adobe CEO was to make sure flash video and other adobe apps for the Windows phone 7 were being worked on and added to the windows Phone 7. It will be the Apps and The Windows Phone 7 Unique user adjustable tile hub interface and Microsoft’s Advertisements of the phones strong points that will get People to buy the phone

  • braaaaap

    it better have papi jump.

  • Many app developers are actually loving the smooth OS of the Windows Phone 7 more than Android because it’s more rigid. QA testing for Android is difficult because there are no minimum hardware specs and all these nuances. If we get a bug in one, it’s difficult to test, because you have be device specific. Whereas Microsoft makes that fragmentation more contained, it you’ve developed in once, it may run slower, but any bug won’t be device specific.”

    But, there have been mixed reviews from different developers. More reviews here: http://www.mutualmobile.com/2010/mutual-mobile-gearing-up-for-windows-phone-7/

  • bluediamond

    I Think windows 7 phone is kinda funny they were the best at what they did back in the day for say. with big sells and big money came big things, but seeing how microsoft is playing catch up now. makes you wonder what is going on with the software giant. it use to be they didnt have to play hard ball when they had it all. now since apple came out with app store and android with market place . microsoft has to play softball and see where they hit . you cant have the count 3-2 with 2 outs and excpect a home run to tie the game. you take it for what it is.

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