T-Mobile MyTouch 3G set to get some Froyo love tomorrow

Maybe I’m not good with timing when I hear the word “soon” in conjunction with Android 2.2 Froyo updates, or maybe I’m a little impatient. So when T-Mobile said that Froyo for the MyTouch 3G would be coming “soon” in June, I was thinking maybe it’ll be here in a couple of weeks. Well, weeks came and went, then those weeks turned into months. So, here we are months later and no Froyo update for the MT3G. Well, we finally have some good news for all you MT3G owners out there. The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is set to get The Android 2.2 Froyo update tomorrow, but I’d hardly call 4 months “soon.”

The OTA should start hitting MyTouch 3Gs starting tomorrow, and the carrier expects to have the update fully rolled out by October 25th. While many of you are probably fully aware of the benefits of having Froyo, we’re wondering if the MyTouch will receive all of them (like Flash). Likely not, but we’re pretty sure that users will definitely be excited about the new enhancements on their aging handset.

The update will only hit the first generation MyTouch 3G, with the Fender edition and MyTouch 3G 1.2 (3.5mm headphone jack version) receiving the OTA update at a later date. It will be a two-part OTA that will remind the user every 30 minutes until they download the update. There’s no way to opt out (who would want to?), so you might as well download it on first sight (who wouldn’t?). MyTouch users also must have a fully charged battery before downloading the update. That makes enough sense, you wouldn’t want your phone to get stuck in limbo if the battery dies when updating to the best and last update it will receive.

Even though it took quite a while, we’re glad to see that T-Mobile is keeping to their word and doling out the Froyo update to the oldest Android phone that’s still available in the US.

If you’re still rocking one of these bad boys, get ready to have the best experience on the phone ever.

Don’t worry, MyTouch Slide users, your time will come, “soon.”

[AndroidCentral via tmonews]

  • Robb180t

    complete bull mytouch slide needs this update

  • Anonymous


  • Jsethburns

    Heck yeah! I just bought the G2 after losing my 4th MT3G but felt guilty and switch with wife for her original MT3G …Froyo is crazy sick!

  • Choleheart

    Got the FROYO update..
    Within one hour of the update I found my battery will no longer hold a charge.
    Right now I am only getting 4-5 hours standby if I’m lucky,If I actually use the phone I have maybe 1-2 hours before my phone completely dies.

    Before the update I could go a day and a half w/o a charge and as far as talk/use time I never really had to think about it.
    SO Disappointed.

    I have tried battery calibration- Turned my Wifi and GPS off- Uninstalled every app that was not a necessity as well as some that were- Dimmed my black light and obviously pulled my battery out to make sure it was ok.

    NONE of this has helped me.

    I called T-mobile and and the rep asked me to take my battery out and look at it—- Seriously! After I did that (again) and everything looked fine he then asked me if it got wet…. I had already explained the FROYO update and that my battery was fine before.

    The solution via T-mobile customer service is a New battery….. 🙁

    Does anyone have any information that would actually be helpful for me?

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