Tweetdeck collects Android statistics, finds HTC dominates the space and Gingerbread in the wild

One of the many reasons Twitter is as popular as it is today is the ability to use whatever third party client you prefer to interact with the service. Tweetdeck is one of those clients, and while I’m not personally a fan, hardcore Twitter are highly likely to be using it to dump their random thoughts, questions, fears and desires into the tiny text box at the top of the screen. Recently Tweetdeck released a beta of their application for Android devices and so far 36,427 people have installed it and tried it out. With that large of a sample size, some trends can be identified. For one thing, the most popular device among these beta testers is the HTC Desire. HTC in general is absolutely killing it in the Android space with over 50% of the beta users opting for the Taiwanese brand. More than half of all Tweetdeck users are running Android 2.2, FroYo, and there are even 10 people using Gingerbread, most likely Google engineers.

Another surprise is the amount of customization taking place. There are over 100 Tweetdeck users who installed Android on their HTC HD2, a device that shipped with Windows Mobile. A handful of people were also running Tweetdeck on an Android modified Nokia N900, which originally shipped with Maemo 5. What all of this shows is that the Android ecosystem is vast and unlike Symbian, which is used by Nokia and only Nokia, there are a huge number of device makers picking up Google’s operating system and trying to make something worthy of people’s hard earned money. Will the same thing happen with Windows Phone 7? Too early to tell. This writer has been using an iPhone 4 for exactly 2 weeks now, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Gingerbread is all about. If the rumors are true, then we’ll get more information about Google’s next release this month.

[Via: Unwired View]

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