Dell Streak getting Android 2.2 Froyo soon – halts 2.1 update

We have heard for a while now that Dell would be skipping Android 2.1 for the Streak in the United States in favor of 2.2 Froyo and it would be out before the end of the year. It seems as though Froyo may indeed be on its way, as Dell has confirmed it has halted the Android 2.1 update to make way for Froyo.

This is good news for Streak owners, but that Android 2.1 update may sound appealing if, for some reason, the release of Froyo is delayed. The fact that Dell has halted the 2.1 update makes us think that Froyo is closer than we might think.

Not only is Dell reasserting that the Froyo update for the Streak will be available before the end of the year, it is also saying that it will be available well before December 31st. Does that mean December 1st?

Vague release dates are almost worse than no hint at all but I can see why Dell would want to caution against giving a hard date on the Froyo release.

It would be smart of Dell to put all its focus on Android 2.2, as, for all we know, Gingerbread is right around the corner and Froyo will begin to taste a little bland. You’d imagine from all of these software update delays that some manufacturers would just put some stock Android on it, or at least leave a stock Android option so at least someone is getting updates. At the same time, we really don’t care what the Streak gets updates to, just get it off Android 1.6.

I finally got around to getting some hands-on time with the Streak at CTIA last week and I was pretty impressed with it. It’s super thin, and pretty slick but after playing around for a bit you can tell that it would greatly benefit for some Froyo lovin.

Either way, even if the Streak gets Froyo on the last day of the year, that’s only a little over 2.5 months. Let’s hope you’re not as fickle as us and still have interest in it at that point.

[Via: Dell]

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what big changes this will bring to the streak…maybe rotation of home screen to portrait, give it more of a phone feel…….hurry up Dell and I might just buy this, impress me d@mnit!!!!!

  • Andy1992

    I cant wait to get 2.2 on my Streak. 2.1 is rubbish I prefered 1.6. It relies too much on App’s to make it feel like a smart phone. Come on Android let us know when we will get it!

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