Grooveshark for Android Updated, iPhone App Back on Cydia

Grooveshark has updated its mobile music app for Android with a whole boatload, nay, freighterload of new features. Oh, and the iPhone app is back on the jailbroken app store Cydia, if you were heartbroken about it being yanked from iTunes a few months ago.

On Android, you can now stream music from playlists of friends that you subscribe to, hit up broad genre-based radio stations when you’re not sure what to listen to, save stations mid-stream to pick up later, repeat single or whole queues of songs (a queue which is now remembered on app restart), Bluetooth support for shunting music to wireless headsets or external speakers, and finally integration with so you can share the music you’re listening to and discover new similar artists. On top of all that, there’s a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements.

For those unfamiliar, Grooveshark is a little different from most online music services in that even if you don’t pay anything, you can type in the name of a song, artist, or album, and immediately start listening to it, with little more than a banner ad on the side. Understandably, this has earned the app some ire from Universal Music, even though Grooveshark offers no protection to users who upload unlicensed music for sharing, and complies with DMCA requests.

I actually just signed up for Grooveshark’s premium service since $30 for a year is an incredibly reasonable price for unlimited on-demand music; I’m just a little irritated that they don’t have any Torch (or even Storm) support for their BlackBerry app. At least I’m not stuck on an iPhone, which can only get the app if you’re willing to jailbreak so you can get its recently re-released Cydia version.

Head over to Grooveshark for a closer look at the service, or hit up the download link below to try it on mobile.

Download for Android (Free) [Market Link]

[Grooveshark via TechCrunch]

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