• Anonymous

    How can you consider not an issue “Z hinge is loose on their handsets, making the device open when you hold the phone upside down”? lol
    It’s a great and solid phone, i consider it a hight tech device, and as such this sould not happen. Hey but let’s be honest it’s better than lossing your signal lol

  • Guest

    “HSPA+ isn’t available everywhere for users to take advantage of”
    How is this “The Bad” of the phone? More like a shortcoming of T-Mobile

  • http://www.facebook.com/SilentGorillaBlack Jose Silentg Giraldo

    LOL it not the first android, what u guys talking abt? yur words doesnt mean anytime to customer cuz we all know G1 is fist android, so slick LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/SilentGorillaBlack Jose Silentg Giraldo

    lol so slick it not the first android phone, every1 know it not the first so dont fool us

  • Samorod0k

    loose hinge IS a big problem, no matter how much it is inconvenient for HTC and the cheap piad-for ‘reviewers’

    • G2user


      Funny. I actually own the G2, and you have to try really hard to reproduce any problem with the hinge. You have to hold the phone, keyboard out, with the screen facing down, and index fingers unnaturally low and far away from the screen plate to have a problem. Even if you do that, it only happens sometimes.

      So basically, if you’re really trying hard to get the screen to move, you can do it. However if you’re actually typing or doing anything normal with your G2, it doesn’t move because your finger meat gets in the way. It’s a non-issue.

      In related news, if you take the human tongue and stick it out of your mouth for long enough, it dries out. Then your tongue will feel weird and things will taste funny. OMG!! Dry tongue IS a big problem

  • Anonymous

    Nice review. Having played with a friends G2 I agree it has a lot going for it. The overall “quality” feel of the device is hard to put in to words, but is tangible when i compare it to my Samsung Epic.

    I’m also envious that where I live HSPA+ is live but 4g isn’t
    That coupled with the GPS and battery life issues, AND THE FACT THAT IT’S STILL STUCK AT 2.1, if I wasn’t outside my return period already, my epic would be going back.

    I’d miss the screen but not much else

  • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

    8MB/s download, that’s crazy fast. I think you meant 8Mbps…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Diaz/100000639956723 William Diaz

    Blake, buddy… you live around the corner from me, I can tell this by the pics in the post – those are my neighbors in that purple house. HAHA

    But I got one thing to say… I dont think one can say the G2 is a successor to the G1. Just because something carries the same name by a wireless company but not the manufacture doesnt mean it is the successor. If the G2 was called “Dream 2″ by HTC then maybe. But whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Uhh. The titles is called the evolution of the first Android phone.. Which was the G1. This is the G2.. how does that no make sense?

  • Anonymous

    hah, nice to see some SFer’s around. I can easily see what you mean about the G2 not necessarily being the successor to the G1, but to T-Mobile it is. I’d expect the G series to continue, and it’ll be their flagship phone for Android, with their own MyTouch line paving the way as well.

  • Mycooltouch

    Talked with a T-mobile Rep and they will have their full network up by the end of the year…. Possibly with a claim of having the Largest “4g” (HSPA+) Network.

  • Falconsl

    …and why would you hold your phone upside down with the tips of your fingers?

  • Zdesignonline

    Hey guys just a heads up this isn’t the G2 though might be the obvious name for it since the G1 had a hinged keyboard HTC have branded this the ‘Desire Z’ as you can see from their site http://www.htc.com/uk/product/desirez/overview.html. Hope this info is useful as it may cause some confusion when you go into store asking to see one and they pull out the G2 merely a non-keyboard version of the G1.

  • AndroidFever

    Do some more research before posting. The Desire Z and the G2 are the same phone just named differently for different parts of the world. It is pretty typical for manufacturers to have multiple names for the same device. Example: Motorola Droid (USA) = Motorola Milestone (Canada and Europe)

    • G2Man

      Agree @ AndroidFever its the G2 indeed. The Desire is a different phone for other markets and also has slightly different features. Dont knock the author without research dude.

  • Chuckdonovin

    Been using the G2 for two months now and its badass. all i can say is this phone is better than my Nexus one.

  • Chuckdonovin

    Been using the G2 for two months now and its badass. all i can say is this phone is better than my Nexus one.

  • Geof_58

    I thought this was pretty funny: “G2 will easily last you a full day”. Wow. that is really impressive – compared to a windows portable computer that is, not to my ancient nokia communicator (4-5 days). Is this supposed to be progress? No thanks I will wait for the new e7. I don’t want to go around everywhere with a charger.

  • rebecca h.

    I will agree with those who have a problem with the Z slider.  While at first it was a little looser than I as used to, it didn’t open on it’s on.  After a few weeks, my slider has a mind of it’s own.  When I am talking on it, it opens. When I set it in an inside pocket of my purse, it opens.  When I touch it, it opens.  Won’t stay closed. This is a very annoying problem.  And I have had G1s and My Touch sliders to compare.  My G2 will not charge and no cord (all three I purchased) will not fix the short that is inside the phone.  The wireless has a problem and will not hold a signal for more than a few minutes, 30 if you are lucky.  When it’s not working, nothing will make it work but just waiting and retrying it over and over.  My phone after 3 weeks will not charge at all.  It stays somewhere between no charge and trying to charge.  There is no green moving bar showing that it is charging.  When it does try and take a charge (green moving bar at top), it will not charge to full capacity.  Took me a week to get it fully charged.  Then it lasted less than 10-15 minutes of using text and playing a scrabble game.  Went from full green to red and shiutting off.  There is also a locking up of apps after the first week that you cannot back out of. The only thing that will get you to the home screen, it hitting the on/off button over and over until it lets you use the back button to get out.  Sometimes this doesn’t work.  Turning it off and on, clearing all calls, texts, removing apps, nothing would make it work without the freezing up.  This is one of the worst phone experiences I have ever had.  The battery life when I first got it was less than that of the G1 but same as the My Touch or just a little less.  I still have a cord at home, work and in the car because it won’t make it a day.  I am a heavy user, but why sell a phone that can’t handle apps and programs.  If the phone can’t handle 10 apps, then limit the download to 10.  Instead there are thousands of apps available and you are not warned that you cannot download very many without experiencing some serious changes in battery life and speed (just to name the major issues).  I am no first time user.  I have had several G1s, 6 my touch’s, and now a G2.  They are sending me another G2 as we speak.  They tried to tell me that it was designed to slide open easily and that it is supposed to be done with one finger.  Well, I don’t need anything to open mine. If you just turn it a little to the left or right, the weight of the keyboard will cause it to just slide right out there.  When talking, when doing anything.  They said I should get a new battery to see if it works and fixes the problems.  It was not the battery.  It won’t take a charge off of 3 new cords and 3 friends cords.  The locking up was the last straw and after only four weeks….I had had enough.  I wanted to be reassured that the new G2 would not be from the same “batch” as the one i was returning.  They said the locking up issue would not happen on the new one, the sliding part will probably be the same, and the charging would likely be better with a new phone.  Mind you, I have to keep my battery, cords, sims, sd card and the back from the problem G2 phone.  Once I get the new G2, I am going to see if they are correct. 

    And folkds, do not dismiss the claims about the sliding mechanism being a problem.  until you get one that just flops open at any time and will not stay in place, you should not judge.  They should recall the phones that do not stay in place when tilted or turned from a horizontal position.  No need to turn it upside to see if it happens.  I can til mine 15-30 degrees from flat and it just slides open.  Will not stay in place no matter what. 

    I question the designer who allowed this phone to go out with this many problems.  Granted there are some good ones in the batch, but no wonder people are unhappy with it for the same reasons I am. 

    Oh , Tmobile says they are not with AT&T.  That is a piece of paper that has not been approved or actually happened.  Will be July before they decide if the paper is good on the agreement.  Then they will decide how to handle tmobile customers requests for Iphones.  Probably do well and have a lot less returns than they do with ones like the G2. 

  • Dave Wright

    i have same phone and i have problem it shut off by itself on now it shut off on it is not turning on back what can i do 

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