BlackBerry Storm 3 Landing Late November – Analyst

Analyst firm Jeffries & Co. has issued a note with lots of interesting (if dubious) information following the cancellation of the refresh on the BlackBerry Storm. For one, they claim that the next Storm (pictured above from Vietnam) will be landing at the end of November without SurePress. Secondly, the note claims that a Storm following that one will be launched in the first half of 2011, bearing a profile slimmer than an iPhone and running QNX’s Neutrino operating system, which was debuted on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Speaking of which, the note says that the 3G/4G version promised by RIM is also scheduled for the second half of 2011.

From what we have heard already, the next BlackBerry Storm will have a 3.7″ display, support augmented reality, and likely have a 5 megapixel camera and run OS 6. There’s a distinct possibility that a mobile hotspot function would make the cut since it was slated for the 9570, but aside from that, specifics are hazy.

Taken individually, any of these rumours might seem plausible, but it takes a beach-worth of grains of salt to take them all at once, especially without any photographic evidence. An end of November launch date seems awfully soon, especially since RIM canceled the 9570, which would have launched within that timeframe; it seems unlikely to me that the Storm 3 was making such good progress that they could get it out the door before (or close enough to) the scheduled launch of the Storm refresh. It wasn’t hugely surprising that RIM didn’t include SurePress on the Torch’s touchscreen, since it was a big enough deal that they wouldn’t want to take any chances, but is it possible that RIM has well and truly killed off their clicking touchscreen technology? The Storm family is where SurePress was born, and from all previous indications, RIM has had no intention of letting it go, which is no surprise given how much work they’ve poured into it.  A super-slim Storm running Neutrino sounds sweet, (especially if it has LTE) and certainly feasible within the next year, but it’s really too far away to be reliably predicting something like that.

What do you guys think – is a new Storm before the holidays likely to happen?

[via eWeek]

  • Storm 3 to Release late November

  • Jimmy_walker120

    i would like this to happen but i do want the clicking touch screen. that is the main reason i have a storm. i would also like one other feature that is starting to boom, a camera on the front and back. then this phone would be competing with the market of phones that are comming out now.

  • Bangithard

    If the new Storm does not have an upgraded processor at least to 1g, it will DOA no matter what OS it runs.

  • Wql1

    There is noway it can survive in the current market without a 1g processor. Especially when other smarthphones are coming out with 1.2g and faster. Nothing works in my current Storm 1 because of that crappy processor and OS they put in there!

  • Guest

    really do you actully need a 1Gig prosseror…. also the storm 1 came out 2 years ago. All these new bad ass phones are just been able to multi task (ex Iphone) have a “message hube” (droid) the storm has been doing these for 2 years….. the web browser sux but so did every other phone 2 years ago but the Iphone.Why RIM takes forever to upgrade the phones??? who know whay it took apple 3 years to add paste and copy???? who know. I love my storm 2 it can do lots of things other phones are just doing. Do i need a HD camera or 1gig processor not really. Hopefully the next storm will have more RAM 128 or 250 just dont cut it NOW in days…..

    BB 4 LIFE

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