CU Pet Health: Helping Pudgy Pooches and Fat Felines Everywhere

CU Pet Health

CU Pet Health

Have an overweight pet? Guess what?… yes, there’s an app for that!

Put together by seven pet-loving students from Cornell University (with a little help from Joe Wakshlag, assistant professor at the Veterinary College), CU Pet Health for iOS brings pet health to the fore. By tracking your pet’s daily caloric intake, the app helps you determine if you’re feeding your little friend the right amount.

After inputting your pet’s daily diet, and after taking into account various lifestyle factors, CU Pet Health calculates if your pet’s diet is appropriate. Things are made plain as day, as the app returns ‘overfeeding’, ‘underfeeding’, or ‘appropriate’ after analysis. Diet suggestions are then made based on the results, and additional tips are also provided to help keep your pet at the correct weight once it is achieved.

CU Pet Health will also let you easily keep track of immunizations, medications and more. Handy if you’re unsure or unaware of past shots, or if you should be taking fluffy to the vet for some attention. Sure, your vet should have this information handy, but if you pride yourself on being a responsible pet owner, this type of information on-hand can only be a good thing.

Compatible with all iOS powered devices (the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), CU Pet Health will run you $3.99. Not bad at all, especially when you consider how most beloved pets are considered part of the family.

CU Pet Health ($3.99) [iTunes link]

[Via: Discovery News]

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