EA Mobile Reveals Dead Space 2 & Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for the iPhone and iPad

The last we heard from EA Mobile, they were announcing their support for the Windows Phone 7 platform when it’s released on November 7th. It looks like they haven’t forgotten about the iOS platform as they recently revealed two of its upcoming big name titles are coming to both the iPhone & iPad during a “Game Nights at the Apple Store” event held at the Tokyo, Japan Apple Store.

The first game that was announced was Dead Space 2. You would think with the title “Dead Space 2”, it would be a port of the upcoming console game. That’s not the case as Dead Space 2 for iOS will help bridge the gap between the original Dead Space and its upcoming sequel. Hopefully the iOS version will be able to capture the game’s dark atmosphere and gore since those were what made the game so popular. Oh yea, and also being able to dissect your enemies with various mining tools would be totally rad.

The second title revealed was Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which will most likely be an iOS port of the upcoming console game. The game is said to feature 20 licensed vehicles and 48 different race events. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for iOS will also have some kind of multiplayer element to it, one of which will be a cops vs racer mode. Need for Speed: Shift is still one of EA Mobile’s best selling games on both the iPhone and iPad, so you can expect them to go all out for Hot Pursuit.

I personally have both of these games pre-ordered already on the console since I really enjoyed Dead Space and I have always thought the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit games were the best of the Need for Speed series. Given how much work EA Mobile has been putting into their games lately, you can expect these games to sell big once they release. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is said to release in early November, while Dead Space 2 is planned to release in January 2011.

[Via 4Gamer, IGN)

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