Google displaces Yahoo as T-Mobile’s mobile search provider in Europe

Deutsche Telekom and Google are teaming-up in a deal that would see the search giant providing mobile search services to T-Mobile users across Europe. The deal has already started, making Google the pre-selected search partner for mobile phone internet searches by T-Mobile’s European customers. Moreover, Google can be quickly accessed from the operator’s “web’n’walk” portal and from the handset idle screen. Unsurprisingly, commercial terms of the deal were not announced.

The main focus of a partnership like this one is the feature phone user base that more often than not opts for the default search option.

Until this deal, Yahoo! was T-Mobile’s pick since February 2008. More recently, Google displaced Yahoo! from its position as search partner for T-Mobile USA this year, and this news is seen as an extension of that deal.

Also worth noting is that Google is already DT’s partner in its fixed-line search business and the operator said that it “expects synergies in the future as we continue to release innovative convergent solutions.”

[Via: MobileBusinessBriefing]

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