Hand-E-Holder for iPad Puts the Internet in the Palm of your Hands… Literally!

Hand-E-Holder for iPad

UPDATE: Addressing my concerns about the adhesive used with this product, Mike Burns (the inventor) contacted me directly. He wanted to make sure I passed on the word that once the dual lock ring is removed from your iPad (or other tablet) that any simple alcohol wipe will remove any dirt, grime or ‘goo’ off. No worries about leftover residue from the adhesive! Good!

At first glance, the Hand-E-Holder iPad accessory looks like a bit of a gimmick. You slap it onto the back of your iPad, slip your hand into the strap, and voila. Your ‘magical device’ is now safe and secure, with the palm of your hand mounted firmly to the back of the device. But if you take a closer look, the Hand-E-Holder is actually a little bit of awesome. Let me explain.

First off, the Hand-E-Holder is secured to your iPad (or any other tablet, for that matter) with an adhesive disk. Place and press the disk right over the Apple logo, and from there you can attach the hand-strap and mount to the back. You’ll hear a satisfying ‘click’ when everything is secure. From there, the rest is easy as pie. Open the strap, slide your hand in, and you’re done. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Hand-E-Holder mount features some swivel action. Once your hand is in place, you can spin your iPad to and from landscape and portrait orientations as you wish. Handy for those times when you’re showing an email, webpage or maybe some pictures to a friend. Or heck, if you’re a doctor or medical professional, think of the applications of this. Show data to patients quickly and easily, with the personal and interactive touch of a touchscreen tablet. Not bad.

Some other accessories are available as well, and they too are a little bit of awesome. You can use them to mount your iPad in a number of locations. There’s a tear-drop stand for desk and office use, a c-clamp for mounting in the house (the kitchen maybe?), and a tripod that folds up nicely for portable use. A few other stands are available as well including a spring clamp and one piece stand. Browse the Hand-E-Holder store for all the details.

This is all good stuff… and quite honestly, I think I want one. My only cause for potential concern is the adhesive on the back of the disk. Will it leave any residue on the iPad when removed?

The Hand-E-Holder sells for $39.99, and numerous other accessories are available from $6.00 to $49.99. Hit up the product link below to browse around.

Hand-E-Holder for iPad ($39.99) [Hand-E-Holder link]

Hand-E-Holder for iPad

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  • Mburns

    James, I can assure you that if you would like to remove the dual lock ring from your iPad/tablet device there will not be any residue of glue or marks left on your tablet. Using just a simple alcohol wipe will clean the back in seconds. I know because I am the guy who invented the Handeholder. Thank you for the review

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