• dr oz

    iphone doesnt have expandable storage so why are people complaining and camparing to iphone?

  • http://www.fowlfables.com Jason

    I’m going to get the HTC Surround for speakerphone usage and to show off my WP7 game I will be releasing to the marketplace this winter. Mostly, I’m hoping to convince others to take a look at the OS by showing off something unique, which this model does well.

  • http://twitter.com/cge11 CGE10

    Because unlike iPhone this only has 16GB, which is a hell of a lot better than 32GB MicroSD for speed.
    What is better the LG Optimus 7 or the HTC surround, i always have music blasting in my ear

  • visitor

    What on Earth GPS phones you have been using to state that it is amazing to get your location pin-point on the street? That kind of functionality is not impressive, it’s expected.

  • sunil

    i want to know about price list all about this phones

  • sunil

    i want to know about price list all about this phones

  • sunil

    i want to know about price list all about this phones

  • Rdgdz

    lack of screen transitions and animations would not make apps and hubs load any faster. its based upon an effort to make the phone appear faster instead of a blank screen for a split second.

  • Sheaxphillips

    can you save pictures off the internet or facebook to put in your phone?

  • oldmansimpson

    This phone is penny on amazon now, though probably no one cares anymore, still if you are new to smartphones this could be a fun starter(like me)

  • Mithoosri

    how i can connect htc surround with my laptop

  • Ephya Serwaah

    have an error code on ma htc after i was trying to restore back to the previous version

  • audras27

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