SCVNGR updates iPhone, Android apps

SCVNGR releases iPhone, Android apps

SCVNGR releases iPhone, Android appsSCVNGR has released a new version of its location-based gaming app for the Apple iPhone and Android and the latest version includes a host of new improvements.

If you’re not aware, SCVNGR lets users check in to locations, kind of like Foursquare and others. What I like about SCVNGR is that it has rolled out some compelling rewards for checking in – one even includes season tickets to an NBA team.

According to the company, the 3.5 version of the Android, iPhone app features:

– Dashboard Layout! Brand new layout makes SCVNGR faster and more convenient than ever.

– Commenting and +1-ing! Have you ever been playing SCVNGR and noticed that your friend just checked-in to the neighborhood pub before noon for the third day in a row and you wanted to say something about it? Or that your other friend just snapped a pic at that new restaurant you’ve been hearing so much about and you wanted to let them know how great it is? Now you can comment on your friends’ activity in real-time! Or if a comment just isn’t enough, you can +1 (“plus one”) their activity and give them an extra point for doing something awesome, say … checking-in at the gym.

Real-world rewards just for playing! There are over 12,000 locations offering rewards on SCVNGR. This means that pretty much wherever you are, there’s someplace in town where you can get free ice cream, coffee or half off your meal just by playing SCVNGR! And now, you can find these places (and keep track of your rewards) more easily than ever.

– The Social Map! Maps rock! Friends rock! Geology rocks! So what if you could put your friends on the map? That’d be cool. It’d be a like a neat social utility to help meet up with your pals wherever they are, and then do the social check-in, of course!

– Activity Stream 2.0. We’ve completely retooled our activity stream to surface the most interesting content. Activity is grouped into visits, showing not just where your friends are, but what they’re up to at those places. Check-ins, pictures, badges, challenges, rewards and more — it’s all right in the stream.

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