T-Mobile Comet Spotted in All Its Celestial Glory in the Wild

The T-Mobile Comet is pretty aptly name given its appearance, especially where the physical buttons are beneath the display. It looks pretty mesmerizing. More surprisingly is this little puppy is manufactured by Huawei and is also known as the Ideos. We don’t see too many handsets from Huawei here in the States, but it’s most certainly welcome.

The Android handset is a low-end device that sports a rather small 2.8 capacitive touch screen and a 3MP camera. It also has Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and just about all the other goods you’d find on a modern smartphone, though I’m not quite sure if this particular handset is equipped with UMA capabilities.

For those of you looking for the Comet, expect to see it at T-Mobile on November 3 packing Android 2.2.

[Via: TMO News]

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