Is your cell phone haunted?

Ghosts may be haunting your phones
Ghosts may be haunting your phones

Do you ever get calls that are heavy with static? Or do you get calls from “withheld numbers?” According to one “paranormal expert,” it may be because your phone is haunted and ghosts are trying to contact you.

That’s according to a report out of The Sun and this shows off some “research” from paranormal experts who said that there is a lot of ghost activity related to cell phones.

Tesco Mobile is using this as sort of a PR stunt to attract new customers to its pay-as-you-go service and it is asking for customers to try and record paranormal activity with their mobile devices. The research revealed that about one in three U.K. users have seen a ghost in a photo or have used their mobile device to record a ghoul.

“There is evidence to suggest that ghosts can use phones to communicate, with reports of people receiving phone calls from deceased relatives,” said Phil Hayes, a paranormal expert.

So what do you think, readers? Have you been haunted on your mobile phone? Let us know.

[Via The Sun]

  • Paul

    I’m sure there are ghosts on my phone………they call themselves Big Brother!

  • Lc_188

    Yes. My LG enV touch randomly lights up at night. creepy. NOT LYING: one night i was talking about it with my fiance and it lit up. scared me to death. Hopefully there is a logical explanation for this.

  • YES. Dear lord, all of my electronics are scary.
    My voice mail is the creepiest, though.
    You call it and the automated voice doesn’t come on. You don’t get your messages. It just breathes at you in the scariest manner possible. Then it makes these odd little popping sounds, and there’s a little static, and the call ends by itself.
    I don’t even believe in ghosts, but my phone is disturbing me.

  • Johnnyguitar72

    my motorola atrix G4 phone  started texting by itself:” Dddddddd4 Fffffffffff5 Gggggggggg6″.It was also trying to type some symbols attributed to those letters. I have no idea what it may signify or that it is in fact “normal”—which doesn’t 

  • Fab Gina

    I spend the night with my friend last night in her creepy house, which I’m pretty sure is haunted. She has a ouji board in her room. Right when I entered her room, a calendar event went off on my phone. I checked it, and the event was named “THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE YOU…” and it said it was supposed to go off on February 15th, 4015…  it was so creepy. I never made that event and it would be impossible for it to go off now. Also the event name had many of these ( ÿ )  in the event title, and ended with End Time. My phone cannot make that Y letter, and my phones calendar only went up to the year 2099. It seriously freaked me out. I restarted my phone and searched for the event, and it was gone. I’m not sure what it means :/

  • Coco.cv29

    i dont get my fone since ive been in this old veterans hospital my fone blocked it self from sending messages it takes for ever nd my step sis was listening to music wen she heard it stop nd laugh so she ran out of the room all my messages were erased been  the locked ones nd it tells me i have a message but wen i click on it it doesnt say anything but empty on it 

  • aketzle

    I very much appreciate your appropriate usage of quotation marks around the words “research” and “paranormal expert.” Well done!

  • Dead fox

    My phone will randomly start playing and stopping my music or YouTube videos and with music if it says it has pause music it will sometimes played the music speeded up once even slower

  • anamika pal.

    I had a brand new Sony mobile phone which was indeed haunted. The day I purchased it, the atmosphere in my house became gloomy suddenly. My mother and I became ill very badly. After a few days, my mother had an accident on road and she had to be admitted in hospital. I could feel that every thing was happening only because of that phone. That phone was indeed controlling my brain. I wanted to do something, but in reality I was doing something else. I just could not think anything. The phone almost ruined my happy life. I could feel as if it was observing me and hearing everything whatever I say. Whenever something good was about to happen, it spoiled everything. That phone became a curse in my life. Whenever I tried to sell it, my problems in life increased. Peace seemed to have gone from my life in those days. My mother who was perfectly fine, suddenly had cancer and she died miserably. The phone never got sold, but certainly it messed up my life. I feared even to look at it or touch it with my hands. Whenever I touched the phone, I had very bad headache and saw horrible nightmares. I could sleep properly at night, only due to that phone. The phone operated by itself, sending messages and calls. I was so scared. My health was also not fine. I was having high fever. I could see a shadow of a lady in white saree and long open hair, suddenly in our house from time to time, specially at night. Finally, my Dad gathered courage and took the phone out and threw in the holy Ganga River. I am better now, but I lost my dear mother…..

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