Samsung Galaxy Tab for Sprint $399.99 Coming November 14

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is making its rounds to all the carriers before the holidays get here, and Sprint is right on schedule. The Android 2.2 tablet will be compatible with the carrier’s 3G network, so you can have data access anywhere Sprint has coverage. And unlike Verizon, Sprint will be offering two big data plans: for $30 a month you can get 2GB or for $60 a month you’ll get 5GB of data. However, unlike Verizon, you’ll have to sign a two-year agreement.

The Sprint version Galaxy Tab will only set you back $399.99, which is much less than what we’ve seen offered at other carriers, but there is that contract involved. The question now is whether you’re willing to commit two years to a tablet running an operating system that wasn’t designed for that particular form factor.

Here are additional details from Sprint:

Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint will be available beginning Sunday, Nov. 14, through select Sprint Stores, Business Sales, Web sales and telesales at 1-800-SPRINT1.  It will cost $399.99 (taxes not included) with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement on a 3G Tablet Mobile Broadband plan.  Sprint customers will have two rate plans to choose from for their Samsung Galaxy Tab: a 2GB data plan with unlimited messaging for $29.99 per month or a 5GB data plan with unlimited messaging for $59.99 per month (plus taxes and surcharges).

Also, beginning today, customers can pre-order a tablet at any participating Sprint Store with the purchase of a $50 Sprint gift card.  Customers who pre-order Samsung Galaxy Tab will have their name added to the Device Wait List and be contacted to set up an appointment to complete their Samsung Galaxy Tab purchase beginning on Sunday, Nov. 14.  Through the pre-order process, customers will have peace of mind knowing they are able to get the device they want and receive the full retail experience, including Sprint’s Ready Now customer service experience.

The decision to grab a Samsung Galaxy Tab is tough enough already – its pricing isn’t really all that competitive with the iPad. Moreover, it seems rushed to market since Android 2.2, or Froyo, isn’t really designed for tablet use even though the Galaxy Tab is just 7 inches. Add that all up with a contract for Sprint and you’d better hope you find good use for this thing over the course of two years. Is the screen size enough to justify a jump over an EVO 4G or an Epic of you have either? Probably not.

[Via: Samsung]

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