Google Maps for Android updated with a handful of new features in tow

New Google Maps update brings version to 4.6
New Google Maps update brings version to 4.6

One of the most frequently updated Android applications by Google is Google Maps. These updates have brought us features like the Places page, and the Walking Navigation beta, among others. Today, the app has been updated yet again.

The Maps application has been updated to version 4.6 and brings updates to the Places page, search filter options, and Latitude. They may not be the biggest updates the app has seen before, but many people will find the new features on board very helpful. First up, the Place page reviews has been updated to look more like the reviews page on your computer. It’s cleaner, and shows reviews from Google users, and “reviews from around the web.” Simple, and to the point. Now if I could only remember to use Places in the first place, I may find some use in this.

One neat feature added into the 4.6 update is search filter options. This is also a part of the Places page, where you can now filter your searches by a specific neighborhood, search places that are open only, and related searches. These filters will definitely help you out if you want to grab a quick slice of pizza when most places are closed, and if you have yet to discover the Yelp or GrubHub applications. These filter will certainly be able to weed out places you don’t want to see, especially if they are across town or closed.

The last update to Google Maps for Android is that they have enabled real-time Latitude updating, making the service just a tad more creepy, but more useful if you like the option. As always, you have to opt-in to Latitude, so worry not if you’re a paranoid person or tend to be at places you should be.

The update is available now in Android Market if you don’t have automatic updating on your handset. We’re not sure what version of the OS you need to be running to actually get the update, but we expect Android 2.1+. Correct us if you’re on anything below Android 2.1.

[Via: GoogleMobile]

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