iPad Rumored to Have Two Cameras, 5MP Rear and FaceTime Camera Up Front

The next iteration of the Apple iPad is going to coming pretty soon and rumors are abound. FaceTime is almost a given feature in the iPad, so one can assume that it will have a front-facing camera. Apparently, OmniVision will be supplying that camera. Not long before the newest iPod touch was announced, we saw evidence of e-mail enabled FaceTime calling, which led us to believe that both the iPod touch and iPad would have the video chatting feature.

MacOserver reports:

Apple’s second generation iPad will most likely have a front-facing camera with FaceTime video chat support, and OmniVision will be the company supplying the needed camera sensors, according to the Detweiler Fenton investment firm.

Additionally, OmniVision will also be supplying a rear iPad camera with a 5MP CMOS sensor – possibly the same one that’s on the iPhone since the company manufactures those already. While it’s possible, I just can’t imagine anyone using a large tablet like the iPad to take photos on the go.

And according to Barron’s, Apple will be producing about 2.5 million iPads for the early quarter in 2011.

I certainly wouldn’t mind having a front-facing camera on the iPad since it seems like the perfect device for FaceTime calls, but it would be a little strange for it to have a rear-facing camera similar to the iPhone 4. I doubt I’d ever use the thing since I have an iPhone, but I can imagine a few instances where it might come in handy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bank on it.

[Via: MacObserver]

  • I consider this more common knowledge than a rumor. If it does not have dual camera’s that would be a rumor

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a rumor, it’s guaranteed.

  • Anonymous

    Better have 512 megs of ram..

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