Calculator Pro fills in the blank spot of the iPad – the lack of calculator app

Lack of some “standard for iPhone apps” on the iPad has opened a window of opportunity for developers. Apalon is obviously a smart company that realized that, hence they released Calculator Pro for the users of Apple’s tablet computer.

Just like the original iPhone calculator, Calculator Pro also has two modes of operation – the Standard and Scientific mode, which are available in portrait and landscape mode, respectively. Additionally — and this is where Apalon’s app is a bit different from Apple’s calculator — users can customize the look and feel of the calculator by choosing one of the themes. It’s not just the background, but the whole calculator will get a different look depending on the theme selected…

And that’s about it. If you need a calculator on your iPad (and I guess you do), prepare to pour out a buck to grab Calculator Pro. Alternatively, you may want to wait for the next software update, which hopefully will include this must-have app (among other things).

Calculator Pro for iPad ($0.99) [iTunes link]

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