Telmap unveils location-aware Twitter Widget

Telmap, the company behind many of the carrier-branded navigation services, launched a location-aware Twitter Widget as part of its mobile search, mapping and navigation solution.

Once implemented, users will be able to access to location-based tweets in their vicinity, whether they come from their followers or not (public tweets). Additionally, when searching for some location, Telmap will also present nearby tweets to the user.

Telmap says that as mobile social networking activity is on the rise, it’s only natural that people would look to integrate their social networking presence and activity with their real-time location. Getting recommendations and opinions of places around you from people you know are also more likely to increase users’ familiarity and comfort with their environment.

The new widget is/will be available from the Widgets Carousel, and once selected it will present relevant nearby tweets on a map.

Right from the bat, Telmap has found a first carrier partner to implement the Twitter Widget – Israel’s Partner Communication with more mobile operators to jump on board in the coming weeks and months.

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