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    It’s the little things that capture and hold their attention. We like to use the Optimus 7, we have not had the same problems with the camera as we did with the Omnia 7 and believe it is more attractive than those offered WP7 HTC phone though.

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    I like the
    LG Optimus 7 better than Samsung Omnia 7 because:

    - In Sweden
    with the Telia operator there have been a lot of problems with the Omnia 7. The
    sound disappears or sound scrambled in the middle of a call. This happened very
    often to me when I hade an Omnia 7. Just this is enough to switch to LG Optimus


    - LG
    Optimus 7 has 16 GB memory instead of
    Omnias 8 GB.


    - Hardware
    buttons. When I used the Omnia 7 I always touched the buttons by mistake, very

    - Screen.
    Yes the Omnia 7’s black is better but the bad thing with the Omnia amoled
    screen is the green ton the white color gets. And if you lock from different
    angles on the screen the green color change, very annoying. Also Omnia’s amoled
    screen have bad color banding. Optimus 7’s screen don’t have any of these
    problems so I like it much better than the Omnia 7’s screen.


    - The usb
    cover on Omnia 7 is a sliding door that I often forgot to close or it
    accidental opened in my pocket. Optimus 7 have a classical cover that hangs in
    a small wire, and because it hangs outside the phone I always remember to close
    it. When it’s closed it’s totally smooth surface on it never accidental opens
    in your pocket.


    - Omnia 7
    is too wide for my hand. Optimus 7 is slimmer and has rounded edges that feel a
    lot nicer to hold in your hand.


    This is
    only my personal view. I have owned two Samsung Omnia 7 but switched to LG
    Optimus 7 and I am much happier with my LG Optimus 7.

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