Shazam Updated with BlackBerry Torch 9800 Support

Shazam Updated with BlackBerry Torch Support

Shazam Updated with BlackBerry Torch Support

Just a quickie here for any BlackBerry Torch 9800 users. If you use your Torch to listen to your favourite tunes while on-the-go, you’ll be more than pleased to know that Shazam has been updated with 9800 support.

The app lets you quickly (and easily) identify almost any song, simply by triggering the app and holding your device up to the music source. It listens in and uses it’s fabulous technology to identify the track name and artist… and even offers up a purchase link allowing you to buy and listen to the music immediately on your Berry.

Shazam Encore has also been updated with Torch 9800 support. Encore is a premium version with enhanced features for heavy users. It allows you to keep all of the premium features, with no ‘tag’ limits each month. If you run the free version, you’ll be limited to 5 tags a month. If you’ve never tried it out on your 9800 (or any other Berry, for that matter), I highly suggest you give the free version a spin. If you like, go ahead and update to ‘Encore’ if you figure it’ll be worth your while.

For more information, hit up the App World link below.

Shazam for BlackBerry (Free) [App World link]

Shazam Encore for BlackBerry ($4.99) [App World link]

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